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  Serapis   - an Egyptian god, worshipped from the 3rd century B.C. onwards
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  + Sarapis
285/13 The official entry of the god Sarapis into Alexandria.
221/8 Ptolemy III introduces the cult of Sarapis at Alexandria.
187/2 hilippus concerning the property of the god Sarapis at Thessalonice.
186/1 ruling of Philippus about the property of Sarapis at Thessalonice.
174/1 ceia about the property rights of the sanctuary of Sarapis and Isis.
116/3b THI_154, a decree in honour of a priest of Sarapis at Demetrias.
58/69 consuls ban the worship of Serapis, Isis and other eastern gods in
53/40 orders the destruction of the temples of Sarapis and Isis in Rome.
50/57 The senate orders the demolition of temples of Isis and Serapis.
48/73 omens, all the temples of Isis and Serapis in Rome are demolished.
43/124 public temple is dedicated at Rome to Serapis and Isis.
    Within translations:
Aelian:Fr_106   as allies, and primarily upon Sarapis. He begged the god
Aelian:NA_10.28   hose who attend to the cult of Serapis also hate the ass.
Aelian:NA_11.31-35 *   went to the temple of Serapis bringing a patient of a
Callim:Epigr_38   thee horn and quiver, Sarapis ; but the arrows the men
Callim:Epigr_56   56] & To the god [Sarapis] of Canopus did Callistiŏn
CIL_1.698   work in front of the temple of Serapis. Tablet of mar
Hieron:Chron_1731   738 in Ar.] The entry of Sarapis ["called Sorapis or Sirap
Julian:Caes_310   turned to his brother Serapis, [311] and pointing to
Malal_192   built a temple to Helios Serapis, and a public bath, calle
MArgent_9.286   the altar and sceptre of Serapis, no more shall you call
OGIS_16   (271-246)   nded this temple for Sarapis, Isis and Arsino&#
OGIS_21   (305-285)   s was dedicated to Sarapis and Isis by Nikanor
OGIS_82   (217-208)   Philometores, and to Sarapis and Isis, by Licha
OGIS_119.B   [ children; and to Isis, Sarapis ], Horos, [ and all
OGIS_741   (52) d the very great god Serapis, Nepherōs son of Babays adorn
OGIS_758   (199)   here and made obeisance to Sarapis. [C]   In
PCairZen_59168   for] a temple of Sarapis to be built [as well as the]
Plin:HN_36.58   block in the shrine of Serapis at Thebes chosen for a
Plin:HN_37.75   Egyptian a large statue of Serapis, nine cubits high, made of
PsCallisth_1.31   the stadium of the great god Sarapis. Then comes the can
PsCallisth_1.33   world &, set this up to Sarapis, the manifest god of the
PsCallisth_2.21   the gods, especially divine Sarapis and Zeus. And when
PsCallisth_3.24   Rokotide, that is, the lord Sarapis. He said: "How is
PsCallisth_3.33   remain blessed to the great Sarapis, lord of all. And
PsCallisth_3.34   city for the great gods Sarapis and Apis; when he went
SEG_18.636   (283-274) Stratonike dedicated this shrine to Sarapis and Isis.
SEG_20.325   (281-261)   t he may be sacred to Sarapis, and we have set u
SEG_25.501.B   (c. 85) Sacred sacrifices for Sarapis and Isis and the other
SEG_44.1227.B   (86/5) of Athenion, the priest of Sarapis and Isis, I have found
SelPap_1.84   being an imprint of a Sarapis, and I sealed with
SelPap_1.112   1 thank the lord Serapis that when I was in dange
SelPap_1.120   cation for you before the lord Serapis. I would have
SelPap_1.121   for you daily before the lord Serapis. How many let
SelPap_1.134   you every day before the lord Sarapis and his fellow
SelPap_1.193   O Lord Sarapis Helios, benefi
SelPap_1.194   To Zeus Helios great Serapis and his fellow
SelPap_1.271C   (B.C.) perform our regular duties to Serapis and to Isis, both for
SelPap_2.215   that at the festival of Sarapis and on certain other
SelPap_2.395   of the most great god Sarapis, weavers of the vil
Syll_663   (c. 200)   deeds, praiseworthy Sarapis, both the deeds which a
Syll_765.A   Priest of Sarapis :   Epainetos son of
THI_102   (174)   ntiochos, priests of Sarapis and Isis, declared tha
THI_131   (c. 200)   . . . [to Sarapis and Isis] and the gods that [(?
THI_154   (c. 117) son of Kriton, priest of Sarapis appointed by the city, acted
ValMax_1.3.4   the temples of Isis and Serapis should be destroyed, and none

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