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  Sertorius   (Q. Sertorius) - leader of anti-government forces in Spain; killed in 72 B.C.
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106/18 The youth and family background of Q.Sertorius.
102/15 Q.Sertorius goes as a spy into the camp of the Teutones.
96/5 T.Didius in Spain, with Q.Sertorius as military tribune; the Rom
90/4 Q.Sertorius, as quaestor in Cisalpine Gaul, collects supplies for the
88/49 Sulla stops Sertorius becoming tribune for the following year.
87/19 Cinna, Carbo, Sertorius, and Marius surround Rome with their forces.
86/2 Cinna and Sertorius massacre the freed slaves, who had been responsib
83/21 Sertorius captures Suessa.
83/29 Sertorius abandons the war in Italy; he recruits more supporters
82/7 Sertorius arrives in Spain; counted by some as the start of the war
82/7 Spain; counted by some as the start of the war against Sertorius.
81/32 C.Annius forces Sertorius to abandon Spain.
81/37 Sertorius attempts to settle in Mauretania, and later on the island
81/39 Sertorius thinks of setting out for the "Blessed Isles".
81/46 Sertorius defeats Ascalis and captures Tingis, after which he digs
80/3 Sertorius mourns the death of his mother.
80/4 resistance to the Romans: the start of the war against Sertorius.
80/4 Sertorius is called back by the Lusitani to lead their resistance to
80/5 Sertorius keeps a white fawn as a pet, which he pretends has supernat
80/10 Sertorius defeats Cotta in a naval battle near Mellaria.
80/18 Sertorius defeats Fufidius by the river Baetis.
79/6 Hirtuleius, a subordinate of Sertorius, defeats and kills Domitius
79/10 his general L.Thorius Balbus is defeated and killed by Sertorius.
78/17 the town of Langobriga, but is ambushed and defeated by Sertorius.
77/5 Sertorius sets up a rival "senate" of his supporters in Spain.
77/6 Sertorius wins the support of the Spanish leaders by his generosity,
77/7 Sertorius is rescued and carried to safety by his bodyguards after
77/19 Sertorius wears down Metellus by using guerrilla tactics.
77/28 remainder of Lepidus' army to Spain, to fight alongside Sertorius.
77/29 Sertorius captures Contrebia and other towns.
77/30 Sertorius retires to his winter camp at Castra Aelia.
77/31 Metellus in the war against Sertorius; L.Philippus says he is being
76/2 Perperna's soldiers insist on joining together with Sertorius' army.
76/4 Sertorius attacks the Berones.
76/6 Sertorius persuades his Spanish allies not to risk a pitched battle
76/8 Sertorius forces the Characitani to surrender by filling their caves
76/11 Sertorius ambushes and destroys a legion from Pompeius' army, along
76/13 Sertorius outmanoeuvres Pompeius and captures Lauro.
75/3 Sertorius collects fresh recruits for his army.
75/4 The weapons of Sertorius' army appear to be covered with blood: Serto
75/4 to be covered with blood: Sertorius interprets this as a favourabl
75/8 Sertorius stabs the messenger bringing news of Hirtuleius' death.
75/10 Sertorius' forces besiege Carthago Nova.
75/11 indecisive battle at Sucro between Sertorius and Pompeius.
75/13 Sertorius fawn is lost, and then found again.
75/16 Sertorius defeats Pompeius, but is then defeated by Metellus at Segon
75/18 Sertorius stands a siege and then withdraws from Cluvia.
75/21 Further skirmishes between Pompeius and Sertorius in Celtiberia.
75/22 Metellus offers a reward for the assassination of Sertorius.
75/23 etellus celebrates his victory over Sertorius and withdraws to Gaul.
75/26 Negotiations between Sertorius and Mithridates, leading to agreement
74/19 Sertorius surprises Pompeius at Palantia and forces him to retreat.
74/20 Sertorius attacks the combined forces of Metellus and Pompeius at Cal
73/7 Sertorius takes harsh measures to stop his allies from deserting.
72/12 Stratagems employed by Sertorius during the war in Spain.
72/13 Sertorius is murdered by a group of his own officers.
72/14 omments on the war in Spain: Sertorius was a great general, but Pompe
72/32 troys the privates papers of Sertorius to stop them being used as bla
72/49 oman citizens, accusing some of having escaped from Sertorius' army.
Plutarch- PLUTARCH, Sertorius

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