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  Sidon   - a city on the coast of Phoenicia
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  + Sidonian , Sidonians
322/1a IG2(3)_379, an Athenian decree in honour of Apollonides of Sidon.
302/16 Ptolemy retreats from Sidon to Egypt, after hearing a false rumour
298/13 Demetrius and Seleucus quarrel over Tyre and Sidon.
285/7b _868, an Athenian decree in honour of Philocles, the king of Sidon.
218/18 Antiochus defeats the Egyptian general Nicolaus near Sidon.
199/7 Antiochus forces Scopas to surrender after besieging him at Sidon.
80/39 The poet Antipater of Sidon dies on his birthday.
    Within translations:
1Macc_5   Ptolemais and Tyre and Sidon, and all Galilee of the Gen
AnthPal_7.462   ades. The earth of Sidon covers her, and Tyre her country
AntipSid_7.241   and the broad home of Europa {Sidon} groaned aloud. The
AntipThes_11.327   ! such are the wives of the Sidonians. [11.415] & { G-P
Athen_4.175   Nor is the noise of the Sidonian nablas , & Which from
Athen_11.468   projections like those on the Sidonian cups ; others define as
Athen_11.497   to the Heroes. Dorotheus of Sidon says that the rhyta are
Athen_12.531   " Straton the king of Sidon surpassed all men in luxury
Athen_14.658   istory, relates that the Sidonians give this account, that
Athen_15.688   after them comes the Sidonian The perfume called Panathenaicum
DiogLaert_7.6   eans, in the district of Sidon, also claimed him as their
DiogLaert_7.29   And Antipater, the Sidonian, wrote an inscription for him,
DiogLaert_7.35   him; the eighth was a Sidonian by descent, a philosophe
DiogLaert_7.38   enodorus of Soli; and Zenon, a Sidonian. Following section
DiogLaert_10.25   Fair. And Zenon of Sidon, a pupil of Apollodorus, a very
Euseb]:Chron_213   B.C.] - Asclepiades of Sidon, stadion race 190th [20 B.C
Euseb]:Chron_215   [57 A.D.] - Callicles of Sidon, stadion race 210th [61 A.D
Joseph:AJ_12.258-262 *   Epiphanes, a memorial from the Sidonians, who live at Shec
Joseph:AJ_12.331   olemais, and of Tyre and Sidon, and strangers of Galilee,
Joseph:AJ_13.329   and besides these the Sidonians, and many others, would
Joseph:AJ_14.190   strates, senate, and people of Sidon, sendeth greeting.
Joseph:AJ_14.197   in the capitol, and at Sidon, and Tyre, and Ascalon, and
Joseph:AJ_14.203   hey pay their tribute in Sidon on the second year [of that
Joseph:AJ_14.206   hey export every year to Sidon, twenty thousand six hundre
Joseph:AJ_14.323   Antonius write to the Sidonians, and the Antiochians,
Joseph:AJ_14.333   xcluded Pacorus, but the Sidonians and those of Ptolemais
Joseph:AJ_15.95   as Egypt, excepting Tyre and Sidon, which he knew to have
Joseph:BJ_1.249   those of Ptolemais and Sidon had received him; so he com
Joseph:BJ_1.361   the river Eleutherus, Tyre and Sidon excepted. [362] And
Joseph:BJ_1.422   tus and Tyre, with theatres at Sidon and Damascus. He also
Joseph:BJ_1.539   village in the territory of Sidon
Just_11.10   ted by Alexander king of Sidon, stood pre-eminent; a man
Just_18.3   ance of fish, they named Sidon, for so the Phoenicians cal
Lucian:Macr_23   Cadmus, long ago, quit Sidon town," alluding to him
Meleager_7.428   122 } & On Antipater of Sidon Tell me, O stone, why does
Nicand:Th_600   of Naron, the abode of Sidonian Cadmus and Harmonia, where as
Oros_3.7   through the land, also destroyed Sidon, the richest city of the
Oros_7.25   people throughout Tyre and Sidon were crushed by falling
PCairZen_59093   Massyas we met him in Sidon, and he told us that Krotos
Phld:Sto_11   the praised book; Zenon of Sidon, named . . . by
Phld:Sto_51   on the Tigris; Boethus of Sidon . . . of Bithynia .
Plin:HN_5.76-78 *   mother-city of Thebes in Boeotia, Sidon, where glass is made.
Plin:HN_6.213   Caesarea, Phoenicia, Ptolemais, Sidon, Tyre, Berytus, Botrys,
Plin:HN_7.172   life. The poet Antipater of Sidon used to have a yearly
Plin:HN_35.178   of the seaside town of Sidon in Syria. Both of these
Plin:HN_36.193   and some chased like silver. Sidon was once famous for its
Plut:Demetr_32   insisted on having Tyre and Sidon. This behaviour appea
Plut:Mor_837   time past, going from Sidon." He lived ninety-eigh
Porph:Fr_46   along with 10,000 soldiers in Sidon, where he besieged
Poseidon_67   hapter 2.24) & Mochus of Sidon - an ancient proponent of
Poseidon_87   Destructive earthquakes near Sidon in Phoenicia and Rhag
POxy_1380   ; at Berytus Maia ; at Sidon Astarte ; at Ptolemais unde
SEG_41.1556   (163)   ended below, from the Sidonians [in the harbour of
SelPap_2.306   lympia, in the colony of Sidon for the 35 months 25
Syll_337   (c. 285-247)   hmae Philokles [king of the Sidonians] : dedicat
Syll_492   (c. 263)   Idromas Theudoros of Sidon, the son of Dionysios P
THI_189   (c. 200) The city of Sidon honours Diotimos, son of Dionysios,
THI_61.D   (173-169)   n boys:   Hierokles of Sidon . . . second: &nb
ValMax_1.8e.16     The poet Antipater of Sidon every year on his very
Vit:Arat_2   myths. Boethus of Sidon in the first book of his "On Arat

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