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  Silenus   - a companion of the god Dionysus
Wikipedia entry
  + Sileni , Silens
AnthPal_3.1   receded by Hermes, Satyrs, and Sileni escorting them with
AnthPal_9.317   his bald pate by the pears." & Silenus. "Goatherd, I enter
AnthPal_9.756   ILIANUS & { Ph 3 } & {A Silenus speaks} As far as it depe
AntipSid_16.178   ated by D.L.Page: To the Silens' mates & that dwell in
Athen_2.45   Midas, when he wished to make Silenus drunk in order to
Athen_5.197-200 *   of all there went the Sileni who keep off the multitude
Athen_10.420   tled Menedemus, in which Silenus says to the satyrs- & O
Cic:Tusc_1.114   also a story told of Silenus, who, when taken prisoner by
Julian:Caes_308-318 *   were seated in a circle, Silenus, amorous, methinks, of
Julian:Caes_327-335 *   cannot take us in," said Silenus; "you reigned twenty year
Nicand:Al_30   ine. 30 And as when the Silens, the nurses of the horned
Plin:HN_7.199   water by Staphylus son of Silenus, oil and oil-mills by Aristaeus
Plin:HN_33.155   in Rhodes itself, goblets with Sileni and Cupids by Mys in
Plin:HN_36.14   their wedges, a likeness of Silenus was found inside.
Plin:HN_36.23   Thyiads and Caryatids and the Sileni in the collection of Asinius
Plut:Mor_835   ite to the limestone statue of Silenus. His style in his
SelPap_1.139   aired to transport the wine of Silenus. You will pl
SelPap_3.107   (4) To the Silens' mates * that dwell in

  Silenus 2   - a citizen of Heracleia Pontica, 1st century B.C.
Memn_27 nder of the navy, seized Silenus and Satyrus, two distingu

  Silenus 3   of Calatia - Greek historian who wrote about Hannibal
Athen_12.542   made by Gelon. But Silenus of Calatia, in the third book
Nepos_23.13   so long as fortune allowed, Silenus and Sosylus of Lacedaemon. And

  Silenus   - in documents
Syll_488 (c. 263/2)   Sicily], the son of Silenos, both to himself an

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