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  Soteria   - "Saviour Games"; the name of various Greek festivals
Wikipedia entry
253/6 Syll_424, a list of contestants at the Delphian Soteria.
249/1a Syll_408, an Athenian decree concerning the Soteria games.
248/1c Chios recognising the status of the festival of Soteria at Delphi.
225/17a Syll_509, a list of victors at the Delphian Soteria.
    Within translations:
OGIS_36   (213)   on, theoros announcing the Soteria; by Theodotos,
OGIS_150   (157/6)   erseers] of the Soteria - Andromenes and Philokrate
OGIS_241   (189/8)   rodokos for the Pythian and Soteria games. He shal
Plut:Arat_53   ccasion they call the festival Soteria, the other on his
SEG_50.1211   (after 125) race 10 at the ninth Soteria and Herakleia games, has of
Syll_431   (255/4 or 252/1)   ited Delphi for the Soteria, participated well and
Syll_489   (c. 234)   ans contributed towards the Soteria for the god and
Syll_538   (204/3)   nastic contest of the Soteria games; and to grant
Syll_539   (204)   at Delphi during the Soteria and at Athens in the
Syll_545   (206/5)   astic contest at [the Soteria] and in the theatre
Syll_546   (214/3)   the sacrifice at the Soteria they shall continu
Syll_549   (c. 213/2)   os at the Pythian and Soteria games, and the other
Syll_553   (207/6)   astic contest [at the Soteria] and [in the theatr
Syll_579   (end of 3rd cent.)   nastic contest at the Soteria games], and at the Di
Syll_598   (194)   ed each [year] at the Soteria, in the gymnastic con
Syll_608   (c. 178/7)   for the Pythian [and Soteria] games; therefore
Syll_615   (c. 180)   s for the Pythian and Soteria games; and to send
Syll_624   (183)   award of the crown at the [Soteria games] . . .
Syll_630   (182)   ounced at the Pythian and Soteria] games. → in
Syll_690   (c. 135)   games of the Winter Soteria, requesting them to par
Syll_711.L   (106/5) [ Pythian ] and the Soteria games, in accordance with the
Syll_728.K   (97) contest at the Pythian and Soteria games in accordance with the
THI_41   (297)   d a festival called Soteria; and they shall celebra
THI_57   (late 3rd cent.)   e, have performed the Soteria to [Korē] Sot
THI_158.F   (c. 170-150) the agonothete of the great Soteria and the Romaia shall make
THI_178.B   time the sacrifice of the Soteria arrived, he was seen to

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