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  Stratus   - a city in Acarnania, Greece
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  + Stratioi
314/4 ania to move into fortified cities, the largest of which is Stratus.
312/2 Xenarces of Stratus wins the pancration contest at the Olympic Games.
169/5 Perseus fails to capture Stratus.
    Within translations:
Demetr:Eloc_45   passed the inland city Stratus and discharging itself
Plin:HN_4.5   cities of Alyzia, Stratos, and Argos surnamed
Syll_421   (272-260)   ders of Pras, if the Stratioi and Agraioi reach ag
Syll_539   (204)   s, (?) Ptolemaios [of Stratos, Lamios of (?) Dast
Syll_545   (206/5)   ia, Thrasyboulidas of Stratos, Archidamos of Kallip
Syll_564   (203/2)   yleion, Xenokrates of Stratos, Leontomenes of (?) P
Syll_603   (193)   Agrinion, Ariston of Stratos, ...laos of (?) Ker
THI_99.H   (2nd century)   ians and the city of Stratos, as the decrees bear

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