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  Strymon   - a river in eastern Macedonia
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  + Strymonian
Aelian:NA_12.14   Asia Minor, and in the Strymon in Europe, and resembles
Aelian:NA_14.26   mines this river and the Strymon in Thrace to see if they
AnthPal_7.502   tell Nicagoras that the Strymonian wind at the setting
AnthPal_9.707   but rival the sea in volume, Strymon, the fresh-water
AntipThes_6.208   work of Aristomachus of the Strymonian land. They were
AntipThes_7.705   Phyllis, washed by the Strymon and great Hellespont, all
DioscEpigr_7.485   eedom by the city on the Strymon, whose people often dance
Nepos_5.2   of Thracians at the river Strymon, and founded the town of
Plin:HN_4.38   Bisaltae. Then comes the river Strymon which rises in Mount Haemus
Plin:HN_4.40   right bank of the river Strymon right up to the Bisaltae
Plin:HN_4.42   of which after leaving the Strymon we come to Apollonia, Oesyma,
Polyaen_3.10.8   his order he reached the river Strymon, where he embarked
Polyaen_6.53.1   that part of the river Strymon, which is called Nine-Way
Polyaen_7.24.1   a city situated on the river Strymon. When the city was
Polyaen_8.60.1   Cynane crossed the Strymon, forcing her way in the face
Simonid_16.232   the sons of the Medes, Strymon's current beside, & Fiery

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