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  Tegea   - a city in Arcadia, Greece
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  + Tegeans
324/37 BD_4 (Syll_306), a decree of Tegea concerning exiles.
308/_ stadion race: Apollonides of Tegea (( called Andromenes of Corinth
228/3a Syll_501, a decree of Tegea in honour of Hagesander of Scotussa.
225/18a Syll_510, a decree of Tegea in honour of Aristomachus of Argos.
223/3 Antigonus captures Tegea.
218/40a Lycurgus attacks Tegea, but fails to capture the acropolis.
147/22 conclusive meeting between Critolaus and the Roman envoys at Tegea
    Within translations:
Aelian:Fr_101   Asclepius heals Aristarchus of Tegea. [102] & {105 DF} &
AnthPal_16.26a   ude. Therefore did Tegea set up the statue of the great-so
Anyte_6.153   aspidas ; his city is spacious Tegea. The gift is made to
Plin:HN_4.20   Psophis, Mantinea, Stymphalus, Tegea, Antigonea, Orchomenus, Pheneus,
Plut:Agis_3   who being banished to Tegea, left his kingdom to his
Plut:Agis_12   eonidas in his flight to Tegea, and had placed assassins
Plut:Agis_16   nly brought back Leonidas from Tegea, and placed him on
Plut:Cleom_4   marched by night to surprise Tegea and Orchomenus. Howe
Plut:Cleom_14   and retired the same day to Tegea. From thence he went
Plut:Cleom_17   Cleomenes came down from Tegea to meet them, the Greeks
Plut:Cleom_22   him in the evening near Tegea, and informed him of the
Plut:Cleom_23   fter Antigonus had taken Tegea, and plundered Orchomenus
Plut:Cleom_26   Antigonus was come to Tegea, with a design to enter Lac
Polyaen_1.8.1   daemonians were ravaging Tegea, Elnes, the king of Arcadia
Polyaen_1.11.1   Spartans entered Tegea, which was betrayed to them in
Polyaen_2.3.14   the Lacedaemonians near Tegea, Epaminondas ordered the
Polyaen_2.10.3   The inhabitants of Tegea suspected that their leaders secr
Polyaen_2.26.1   ned by the ephors, went off to Tegea, where he was readily
Polyaen_8.34.1   and the inhabitants of Tegea released Cheilonis in excha
Simonid_7.442   their city, defending Tegea rich in flocks, that Greece
Simonid_7.512   hese men the smoke of spacious Tegea in flames never went
Simonid_13.19   ycaeus ; and likewise in Tegea, and in mighty Epidaurus,
Simonid_16.232   to carry fish from Argos to Tegea. Attalus' home page
Syll_559   (c. 207/6)   sed similar decrees: Tegea Orchomenos Methydrion &
Syll_653   (c. 165)   den crown the city of Tegea, with a golden crown
THI_120   (200-159)   privileges] that the other Tegeans share . . . priv
ValMax_4.1e.5   is what follows. Stasippus of Tegea, when his friends advised him

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