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  Telmessus   - a city on the coast of Lycia
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  + Telmessians
282/33a SEG_28.1224, a decree of Telmessus in response to a letter from Ptol
240/1 OGIS_55, a decree of Telmessus in honour of Ptolemy son of Lysim
184/9c THI_116, a decree of Telmessus celebrating a victory of Eumenes agai
181/14 8, a letter from Eumenes to Artemidorus, the governor of Telmessus
    Within translations:
OGIS_55 (240)   solved by the city of Telmessos: since Ptolemaios
Polyaen_5.35.1 made himself master of Telmessus, which was then in the
SEG_28.1224 (282)   of the land of the Telmessians from any king or
SEG_55.1452 (46)   Lycians: that is, Telmēssos, Chōma, P
THI_116 (184)   magistrates of the Telmessians, ...oros, Daparas an

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