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  Theophanes   of Mytilene - a friend of Pompeius, 1st century B.C.
62/22 Mytilene, where he honours Theophanes, and Rhodes, where he meets
48/56 emetrius, Furnius, Pythodorus, Theophanes, Tritanus and C.Velleius
40/37 Theophanes of Mytilene is awarded divine honours after his death.
Syll_752.753   (c. 40) Z[eus Eleuthe]rios Philopatris Theophanes, our saviour and
Syll_755.A   ople honours Gnaeus Pompeius Theophanes, son of Hieroitas, t
ValMax_8.14.3   he bestowed citizenship upon Theophanes of Mytilene, who had

  Theophanes   - in documents
SEG_44.949 (230-205)   80 drachmas of bronze from Theophanes son of Theodo
Syll_389 (282)   oteles son of Theophanes Comedy: Androlas son of
Syll_585 (197-175)   Thespiai, the son of Theophanes When the archon
Syll_619 (after 188)   cil Theopropos son of Theophanes, adopted by Theoph
THI_64 (263-236)   ns, the son of Theophanes       ;

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