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  Thyrea   - a city in the Peloponnese, Greece
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  + Thyreae
AnthPal_7.244   falling dead one upon another. Thyreae was the prize of
AnthPal_7.432   martial Gyllis who fell for Thyrea. He killed three Arg
AnthPal_7.526   not return alone from Thyrea to Sparta his country, but
AnthPal_7.720   wielded the spear for Thyreae, you died allotting to
AnthPal_7.721   in number and in arms, Thyreae being the prize of the
AnthPal_9.279   first time was the battle of Thyreae. [280] Apollonides
Athen_15.678   victory which they gained in Thyrea, by the leaders of the
Crinag_7.741   fought against the Argives at Thyreae. [9.81] & { G-P 22
DioscEpigr_7.430   ribed ? For this land of Thyrea is soaked with the blood
Simonid_7.431   fatherland, fighting for Thyrea with as many Argives, neve
ValMax_3.2e.4   and death of Othryades, makes Thyreatis seem larger in renown than

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