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  Tigranes   - king of Armenia, 95-55 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
140/15 The births of Tigranes of Armenia and Tiraeus of Charax.
95/11 Tigranes establishes himself as king of Armenia after being release
91/14 Tigranes invades Cappadocia and drives out Ariobarzanes.
84/22a Tigranes of Armenia defeats the Parthians and conquers part of Meso
83/18 Tigranes invades and conquers Syria.
77/20 Tigranes invades Cappadocia with an overwhelming force.
76/15 Tigranes founds the city of Tigranocerta; many of the inhabitants
76/15a Tigranes settles Arabs in the region of Commagene and Cilicia.
72/29 Sinope, and appeals to his son Machares and to Tigranes for help
71/26 Mithridates escapes to his father-in-law Tigranes, in Armenia.
71/35 Tigranes allows Mithridates to stay in Armenia, but refuses to meet
70/8 Ap.Claudius as an envoy to Tigranes to demand the surrender of Mit
70/21 tly wins over Zarbienus and other disaffected subjects of Tigranes
70/23 Tigranes captures Ptolemais, but is soon afterwards recalled home
70/24 Ap.Claudius meets Tigranes, and bluntly warns him of the consequenc
69/11 Tigranes despises the small size of Lucullus' army, and ignores Mit
69/12 Lucullus wins an overwhelming victory over Tigranes.
69/16 Mithridates persuades Tigranes to keep on fighting against the Roma
69/17 a Selene is put to death by Tigranes, after being imprisoned at Sel
68/2 Tigranes loses control of Syria.
68/4 Tigranes and Mithridates raise another army.
68/10 off an attack by Mithridates and Tigranes near the river Arsanias
68/18 Tigranes attacks L.Fannius.
67/26 Mithridates and Tigranes invade Cappadocia, and expel Ariobarzanes
66/18 Tigranes refuses to offer refuge to Mithridates.
66/22 Tigranes faces a revolt by his son, who receives assistance from
66/29 Pompeius meets Tigranes near Artaxata, and reinstates him as king
64/7 Parthia, invades Armenia but later on agrees a truce with Tigranes
58/52 Clodius helps Tigranes, the son of king Tigranes, to escape from
55/55 Artavasdes becomes king of Armenia, after the death of Tigranes
    Within translations:
!Festus:Brev_14-16   were received in a war with Tigranes, King of the Armen
Athen_2.51   subdued Mithridates and Tigranes, was the first man who
Athen_6.274   and also after that of Tigranes, the king of Armenia,
Athen_12.543   of two kings, Mithridates and Tigranes. And Sittius, also
CIL_11.1832   Mithridates king of Pontus and Tigranes king of Arme
Joseph:AJ_13.419-421 *   news was brought that Tigranes, the king of Armenia,
Joseph:AJ_14.29   nia, and making war with Tigranes; but when Scaurus was
Joseph:AJ_15.104   sent Artabazes, the son of Tigranes, in bonds, with his children
Joseph:BJ_1.116   She also prevailed with Tigranes, king of Armenia, who
Joseph:BJ_1.127   when he fought against Tigranes; so Scaurus came to Dama
Joseph:BJ_1.363   led with him Artabazes, Tigranes's son, captive, as a pre
Just_38.3   menia, at this time, was Tigranes, who had long before bee
Just_38.5   that whatever Gordius or Tigranes did, was imputed to him;
Just_40.1   of all were directed to Tigranes king of Armenia, who,
Just_40.2   in things. After Tigranes was conquered by Lucullus, Ant
Lucian:Macr_15   it seven years. Tigranes, king of Armenia, with whom
Malal_211   leper, king of Syria, Tigranes the king of the Armenian
Malal_212   of Dionices heard that Tigranes, the king of the Armenia
Malal_223   Pontius, who defeated Tigranes, the local ruler of the
Memn_22   Parthians, the Medes, Tigranes the Armenian, the kings
Memn_29   Parthia and to his son-in-law Tigranes the king of Armeni
Memn_31   dius as an ambassador to Tigranes, to demand the surrender
Memn_35   tion from his son-in-law Tigranes, and he expected suffici
Memn_38   not come into the presence of Tigranes. Then Tigranes fel
Oros_6.3   encountered Mithridates and Tigranes at Tigranocerta, and
Oros_6.4   to stay. 8 He pardoned Tigranes at the latter's entreaty and
Plin:HN_6.142   brought to that country by Tigranes the Great, while others have
Plin:HN_7.98   these, over King Mithridates and Tigranes.
Plut:Mor_203   sand horse, was to fight Tigranes and his army of a hundre
Sall:Hist_4.67   uch as the anger against Tigranes inspired in you by the
THI_29.A   daughter of the Great King Tigranes and his wife, and of
ValMax_5.1.10   had crowned the head of Tigranes with regal emblems, his head
ValMax_5.1.9   Pompeius. When he had defeated Tigranes king of Armenia, who not
ValMax_8.15.8   same time over Mithridates, Tigranes, and several other kings,
ValMax_9.11e.3   conspired with his friends against Tigranes his father, the king of

  Tigranes 2   - son of Tigranes, king of Armenia
Wikipedia entry
66/28 Tigranes' son deserts to the Romans.
66/29 without any other territories; Tigranes' son is kept as a prisoner
58/52 s Tigranes, the son of king Tigranes, to escape from custody at the

  Tigranes 3   - king of Armenia, 20-8 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Joseph:AJ_15.105   Caesar, when they restored Tigranes, his younger brother, to

  Tigranes 5   - king of Armenia, 6-12 A.D.
Wikipedia entry
Joseph:BJ_1.553   had by Glaphyra two sons, Tigranes and Alexander ; and by

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