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  Tisaphernes   (or Tissaphernes) - Persian satrap, killed in 395 B.C.
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Just_5.1 Lacedaemonians through Tissaphernes, satrap of Lydia,
Just_5.5 ia, made, in the room of Tissaphernes, his son Cyrus gover
Just_6.1 taxerxes, Pharnabazus and Tissaphernes, supported by the
Polyaen_01.49.1 rsia, when he found that Tisaphernes' cavalry were continu
Polyaen_02.1.8 erritory in that region, Tisaphernes proposed a truce of
Polyaen_02.2.2 with provisions. Tisaphernes sent envoys there, and assu
Polyaen_07.16.1 rxes sent Tithraustes to seize Tisaphernes. He gave him
Polyaen_07.18.1 custom of the Persians. [18] & Tisaphernes. Tisaphernes

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