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  Troy   - an ancient city in the north-west corner of Asia Minor
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  + Ilian , Ilians , Ilium , Pergama , Trojan , Trojans
305/8c Syll_330, a decree of Ilium in honour of Malusius of Gargara.
280/25c OGIS_218, a decree of Ilium for the prevention of tyranny.
280/26 OGIS_219, a decree of Ilium in honour of Antiochus I.
267/3 OGIS_220, a decree of Ilium in honour of Metrodorus, the physician
190/30 The Roman army stops by the town of Ilium.
179/13 The geographer Polemon of Ilium is a contemporary of Aristophanes of
88/66 _440, the inscription from a statue in honour of L.Caesar at Ilium.
85/8 Fimbria captures and sacks Ilium.
79/6a a decree of Ilium in honour of a garrison commander.
44/4 Julii, Heracleia Pontica, Ilium, Novum Comum, Sinope and in Sicily
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[Longin]:Subl_9   remnants of the adventures at Ilium; yes, and does he not
Aelian:Fr_47   two maidens each year to Ilium for Athena, as payment for
Aelian:NA_1.1   him in the war against Ilium; though their original form
Aelian:NA_5.1   resort to the land round Ilium, making straight for the
Aelian:NA_10.37   went off to spy upon the Trojans' camp - a heron, not an
Aelian:NA_11.5   there is a temple to Athena of Ilium which is celebrated.
Aelian:NA_11.16   hem. And Aeneas of Troy, son of Anchises, founded the afor
Aelian:NA_11.27   between the Achaeans and Trojans was caused, they say, by
Aelian:NA_12.5   rops of the Aeolians and Trojans, rendering the harvest
Aelian:NA_14.8   was the work of Antenor the Trojan. He founded it, havi
Alcaeus_12.64   up-bearer in place of the fair Trojan boy. If ever I have
Alcaeus_16.7   aces, piped the mournful Trojans and Semele, slain in her
AnthPal_6.151   hung in the temple of Ilian Athena this deep-toned flut
AnthPal_7.99   tears for Hecuba and the Trojan women even at the hour of
AnthPal_7.139   don With Hector perished Troy and no longer raised her han
AnthPal_9.28   on the famous city of Ilium, whose walls I trod underfo
AnthPal_9.62   has devoured me, holy Ilium, the famous city once renow
AnthPal_9.97   ndromache ; still we see Troy laid in ruins from her found
AnthPal_9.102-104 *   so cruel to the sons of Ilium, am left deserted now to
AnthPal_9.163   pears from the flames of Troy the hero Aeneas bore off his
AnthPal_9.219   of Achilles, sailed to Troy from the goat-pastures of
AnthPal_9.236   best that the towers of Troy fell ; for hence in arms aro
AnthPal_9.289   their home-coming from Troy, then when the lying beacon
AnthPal_9.387   for your country. Ilium is inhabited, and is a famous cit
Antiphil_7.141   did strike the first blow in Troy's predestined fall.
Antiphil_9.156   on the ambush that took Troy after ten years ; look on
Antiphil_9.192   and we tell the tales of Troy ; one, the wrath of Achilles
AntipSid_7.2   dragged him over the plain of Troy. If you marvel that
AntipThes_9.77   eart, once spoke thus : "Troy gave birth to a male flame
Apollod:Fr_61   & The date of the capture of Troy. [62] & [Euseb]:Chron_
Apollod:Fr_63   Strom_1.21] Now from the Trojan war to the birth of Homer,
Archias_6.195   G-P 11 } & To Athena of Troy Miccus of Pallene suspended
Archias_7.140   was Priam, his country Ilium, his name Hector, and he
Archias_7.147   hield did you, Ajax, await the Trojan host that threatened
Athen_4.155   in the twelfth book of Trojan Array, says, that at the
Athen_6.236   '575 ] - & There stood a Trojan, not, unknown to fame, &
Athen_6.256   a descendant of those Trojans whom Teucer took as slave
Athen_8.351   that he had arrived in Ilium at the time of the Ilian
Athen_9.393   called the History of Troy, says that the Cycnus who
Athen_10.425   book of his Arrangement of the Trojan Forces. And some say
Athen_11.782   representing the sack of Troy, and bears the following
Athen_11.783   valour in the expedition against Ilios.
Athen_12.511   when awake, lavished on the Trojans, was lost in open day,
Athen_12.523   ere on their escape from Troy, and after them by the Colop
Athen_13.560   account of women:- the Trojan war on account of Helene;
Athen_13.566   ied, "No wonder the Trojans and Achaeans & Have suffe
Athen_13.603   tise On the Sacrifice at Troy, says that he was so much
Athen_13.609   Tenedos, an island close to Troy. [90.] I am aware, too
Athen_13.610   out of the Storming of Troy, by Sacadas the Argive; for
Athen_14.644   the twelfth book of his Trojan Array, tells us bears the
Athen_14.658   his second book of the Trojan Array - 'Tromileia is a
Athen_14.660   ent by Hector, invite & Trojan Priam to the peaceful rite
Athen_15.680   been sent as allies to Troy by Tithonus, when they heard
Athen_15.695   the Greeks who went to Troy after invincible Achilles.
Athen_15.697   the tenth book of his Trojan Array speaks thus:- Ctesiphon the
Callim:Epigr_26   Eëtion is of Trojan descent, and hates the idea of
Cic:DeOr_2.257   as Neoptolemus found one at Troy.
Cic:Tusc_1.98   led his vast troops to Troy, and the prudence of Ulysses
Cic:Tusc_3.44   my palace, and in ruins Troy ;
CIL_10.808   chises. He led the Trojans who survived the capture of
Demetr:Eloc_107   when he sailed for the Trojan shore, But marred, whereve
Demetr:Eloc_147   showering, Thick as flew Trojan darts, they say, & & & &
Demetr:Eloc_255   line: Then shuddered the Trojans, beholding the writhing
Diod_37.1   amous of poets, made the Trojan war forever famous by his
Diod_40.8   of the times before the Trojan war; in these books we hav
DioscEpigr_5.138   horse for me. All Troy was in flames and I burning with
Ennius:Ann_15   ative. The Fall of Troy PRISCIANUS : Veterrimus is as it
Ennius:Ann_349   tured? No. And did Troy burning burn her warriors ? No.'
Ennius:Ann_409   overmastered him, the Trojans too who pelted him ; drea
Ennius:Ann_485   the rest speak of the Trojans as 'unconquered' because
Eupolemus_2   laus (who was during the Trojan war), was earlier by many
Euseb]:Chron_5   Aeneias after the capture of Troy. [ p291 ] Then [I will
Euseb]:Chron_57   is recorded is that the Trojans received assistance from
Euseb]:Chron_63   Achaeans against the city of Troy, when Priamus governed
Euseb]:Chron_65   years. Teutamus, for 32 years. Troy was captured during
Euseb]:Chron_109   - 20 years In his time, the Trojan war was fought. Eli
Euseb]:Chron_145   of Alcandra, and in his reign Troy was captured. In total
Euseb]:Chron_159   to have preceded the siege of Troy by almost a thousand
Euseb]:Chron_175   31 years. During his reign, Troy was captured. Pelasgus
Euseb]:Chron_179   the 18th year of his reign, Troy was captured. Aegisthu
Euseb]:Chron_185   for 23 years. In his reign, Troy was captured. Demophon
Euseb]:Chron_189   before the capture of Troy, which are not reliably reco
Euseb]:Chron_221-225 *   the dates between the Trojan war and the first Olympiad
Euseb]:Chron_265-285 *   ents from the capture of Troy up until the (?) 167th Olymp
Euseb]:Chron_289   ear after the capture of Troy - for 3 years Ascanius - for
Euseb]:Chron_291   rom the capture of Troy [up until Romulus], there were 431
FGrH_252.A   ear Cyzicus and captured Ilium, but was restrained by Sull
Julian:Mis_344   omer did not show us the Trojan women praying to Priamus
Julian:Mis_345   deed say that the men of Troy were wont to pray to Hector
Just_2.4   bravest heroes in the Trojan war, when she led an auxil
Just_2.6   aid to the Greeks against the Trojans. 16 Between the Ath
Just_7.1   ose name we find, in the Trojan war, among the most distin
Just_11.5   He also sacrificed at Troy, at the tombs of the heroes
Just_12.2   by his achievements at Troy, had founded; but being exp
Just_17.3   uring his absence in the Trojan war, settled in these part
Just_18.3   the year before the fall of Troy. Here, harassed for
Just_28.1   the Greeks against the Trojans, the authors of the Roman
Just_31.8   ntered Asia, had reached Troy, mutual gratulations took
Just_43.1   reign Aeneas came from Ilium into Italy, after the destr
Just_43.1   taly, after the destruction of Troy by the Greeks. Aeneas,
Just_44.3   er, after the end of the Trojan war, having incurred the
Lucill_11.185   Greek fleet on its return from Troy by exhibiting deceptiv
Lucill_11.211   alling out, "Quarter, ye Trojans dear to Ares." Then he
Lucill_11.259   Scaean gates, if all the Trojans and Greeks together had
Malal_193   there, Alexander came to Troy, where he made a sacrifice
Malal_216   ooden horse and the capture of Troy. Immediately everyone
Naev:Pun_2   2-4] The foundation of Rome by Trojans or by their descend
Naev:Pun_5   wives leave the city of Troy : SERVIUS supplemented on
Naev:Pun_11   scued from the flames of Troy : ISIDORE : 'Citrosa.' Curle
Naev:Pun_13   Anchises embarks from Troy : PRISCIANUS : I have found
Naev:Pun_19   how Aeneas forsook the city Troy. Ilia gives birth to
Nicand:Th_300   be true, Bane-Helen coming from Troy was angered with this species
NicDam_130.68   to do the same thing at Troy, on account of his ancient
NicDam_134   ppa, arrived by night at Ilium, the river Scamander was
Obseq_56b   were captured by Sulla. At Ilium when the temple of Minerva
OGIS_335   (150-133)   t were dedicated in Ilion and Delos and Ephesos, in
OGIS_444   (77) stival.   When Demetrios of Ilion, son of Hippodamas, and h
Oros_1.12   Pelops against Dardanus and the Trojans. We are accustomed to hear
Oros_1.17   lastly the celebrated destruction of Troy, is well known to all.
Oros_1.18   after he had fled from Troy, that is, the strifes he
Oros_6.2   enraged at the inhabitants of Ilium, who, in their loyalty to
Ovid:Cons_429   sts his charred bones upon the Ilian fields. For him Panop
Philip_7.385   that you first initiated Ilium into looking on the wrath
Phylarch_47   DES & The Palladium . . . from Troy . . . he could be talk
Phylarch_74   lut:Camill_19 & The capture of Troy, in the month of Tharg
Plin:HN_3.130   Veneti are descended from a Trojan stock, and the Cenomani lived
Plin:HN_5.124   4 miles from its harbour Ilium, a town exempt from tribute,
Plin:HN_6.216   Tenedos, Abydos, Scepsis, Ilium, Mount Ida, Cyzicus,
Plin:HN_7.202   the ram) by Epius at Troy; horse-riding by Bellerophon, reins and
Plin:HN_7.206   Hellespont by the Mysians and Trojans when they crossed to war
Plin:HN_33.6   even in the days of Troy. That in my view was
Plin:HN_35.13   employed in the fighting at Troy; and this indeed gave them
Plin:HN_36.65   time of the capture of Troy, erected one of 140 cubits
Plut:Mor_174   king of Thrace, in the Trojan war, being solicited both
Polyaen_1.3.3   expedition against Troy, Heracles advanced to give the ene
Polyaen_1.13.1   husband Tlepolemus at Troy, heard of their arrival, she
Polyaen_1.Preface   mes, your plans effected Ilium's fall, & And hurled destru
Polyaen_3.14.1   the inhabitants of Ilium were ravaging the territory of
Polyaen_6.53.1   rom the silent tomb At Troy the carcass of old Rhesus
Polyaen_7.47.1   to conquer or die. [47] & The Trojan Women. During their
Polyaen_8.25.2   Appian, Gall.5] The Trojans, who had survived the des
PsCallisth_1.42   tered the actual city of Ilium and offered sacrifices to
PsCallisth_3.35   Scythia, Alexandria near Troy, Alexandria at Susa, Alexand
RC_10   (  c. 275) join to the city of Ilion or Skepsis. Do you therefore
RC_13   (  c. 275) and the people of Ilion, greeting.   Aristodikides of
RC_62   (160-139)   council and the people of Ilion, greetings. The a
SEG_33.1184   (196)   nce Themistokles of Ilion, the son of Aischylos, ca
SEG_48.1330   (c. 128-100)   as, the poet of the tale of Ilion. It is she who br
SEG_53.1373   (late 3rd century)   tes were: Demetrios of Ilion, the son of Protokleid
Simonid_9.700   ted the sack of the citadel of Troy. * & On the Lesche
Simonid_16.232   eus & Led his men to the plain Trojan called and divine.
StephByz_70   tades. The city of Troy, in which was born the epic poet
Syll_330   (c. 306)   nce of the theatre at Ilion, one thousand four hun
Syll_346   (302/1)   s: since Nikandros of Ilion, the son of Antiphanes,
Syll_355   (c. 300)   people of Ilion have awarded freedom from
THI_138   (early 2nd cent.)   tes were Eupolemos of Ilion the son of Poseidonios,
Timoth:Pers_86   ecure refuge from death? Troy straits alone would assuage
ValMax_1.8.7   his household-gods with him from Troy, placed them in Lavinium. From
Vit:Lycoph_1   from Heracles and the Trojan War down to Alexander of

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