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  Tybi   - a month in the Egyptian calendar
  + Tubi
PCairZen_59125 keted} & Year 29, Peritios 11, Tybi 11. From Apollonios,
PCairZen_59245 hoiak .. Docketed} & Year 33, Tybi 2. From Kollouthes.
PCairZen_59322 of mine. Farewell. Year 36, Tubi 15. zzzzzFROM APOLLONI
PsCallisth_1.32 the twenty-fifth of the month Tybi. So the door-keepers
PsCallisth_3.35 born in the month Tybi at the rising of the new moon, and
PSI_393 Fuks, C.Pap.Jud. I 14 Year 6, Tybi 17. Declaration made
SelPap_1.131 been in pawn since Tubi of last year for eight "hands
SelPap_1.174 dding of his sister to-morrow, Tubi 9, at the 8th h
SelPap_1.177 Trajanus Augustus Germanicus, Tubi 28. (Receipted) I,
SelPap_1.178 ars of wine only. Year 38(=7), Tubi 23. Signed by me,
SelPap_1.185 (Late 2nd cent.)   aining with treasurer 180 dr. Tubi 25. 1 jar of win
SelPap_1.32 with Julius Germanus on Tubi 25 of the current 13th
SelPap_1.35 Alexander Pius Felix Augustus, Tubi 15. {Signed} I, Au
SelPap_1.46 tumianus the most illustrious, Tubi 24. To Aurelia M
SelPap_1.57 for repayment being 30th Tubi of the 15th year of the
SelPap_1.81 our said most pious master, Tubi 7, 14th indiction
SelPap_2.244 ius Antoninus Caesar the lord, Tubi 28. At Memphis. He
SelPap_2.264 (136 or 83)   xecuted accordingly. Year 34, Tubi 15. Year 34, Tub
SelPap_2.331 . . .] the most illustrious, Tubi 21 . {Signed} I, A
SelPap_2.354 ror Caesar Hadrianus Augustus, Tubi 15. {Signed} I, Ps
SelPap_2.356 Macrianus and Quietus Augusti, Tubi 30. To Aurelius Di
SelPap_2.366 (3rd-2nd cent.)   Oxyrhynchite nome for Tubi and Mecheir of the 7th y
SelPap_2.369 ius Commodus Caesar the lords, Tubi 23. I, Achilles
SelPap_2.370 Antoninus Augustus Pius, Tubi 3, through the bank of S
SelPap_2.384 97th which = the 66th year, Tubi 5. Signed by me, S
SelPap_2.426 Aurelius Probus Pius Augustus, Tubi sixteenth, Tubi
SelPap_2.428 sting health, my lord brother. Tubi 1. {Addressed} T
SelPap_2.432 private substance. Written on Tubi 8, 8th indiction.

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