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  Typhon   (Set) - an Egyptian god, the brother of Osiris
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Aelian:NA_10.21   this was the shape assumed by Typhon. Others however say
Aelian:NA_10.28   ver say that it was beloved of Typhon. And in addition to
AET_1.10   And Seth is in all the evil
AET_4.9.C   Horus Avenger-of-his-father Osiris before Seth. He has removed the
Athen_15.680   same who is also called Typhon. )" But Demetrius, in his
Euseb]:Chron_133   ronus; then Osiris; then Typhon the brother of Osiris; and
SelPap_2.405   aments of plaster, a statue of Typhon, part of which

  Typhon 2   - a giant buried underneath Mount Etna
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Typhonsee Orontes

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