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  Veii   - a city in Etruria, Italy
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  + Veientes
Cic:Tusc_3.27   of the forces of the Veientians and the Latins, is said
CIL_6.1308   low [the people] to migrate to Veii after the city had
FastTr_p91   la,] consul, & [over the Veientes and Tarquinienses, k.Mar
FastTr_p92   Poplicola, [consul, & over the Veientes] and Sabines, k.Ma
Obseq_12   showers of blood fell. At Veii wool sprouted from trees. At
Obseq_30   rained oil and milk at Veii. An owl was seen on
Oros_2.4   twelve in number; how the Veientes were conquered but not crushed
Oros_2.5   for the conflict with the Veientes. The death of its members
Oros_2.19   the City the siege of Veii, which lasted ten continuous years,
Plin:HN_3.53   separates the territory of Veii from that of Crustumerium,
Plin:HN_3.125   day on which Camillus took Veii.
Plin:HN_8.161   reached the same place from Veii with the palm-branch and wreath
Plin:HN_35.157   that Vulca was summoned from Veii to receive the contract from
Plin:HN_37.184   an Italian gemstone found at Veii, has a black ground defined
ValMax_1.5.1   whether they should move to Veii, or rebuild their own walls;
ValMax_1.6.3   bitter war the people of Veii could not be taken, though
ValMax_1.8.3   Juno to our city. When Veii was captured by Furius Camillus,
ValMax_1.8.5   kings, waged war with the Veientes and Etruscans; while the one
ValMax_4.1.2   not begin his journey to Veii, there to take charge of
ValMax_4.4.8   farm in the territory of Veii, that needed fewer men to
ValMax_5.3.2   embezzled the spoils of the Veientes, he was by a hard,
ValMax_5.5.2   the consul having defeated the Veientes and Etruscans in a most
ValMax_5.6.8   they were aware that, after Veii was taken, when the gold
ValMax_9.9.3   household of Lars king of Veii. After he had made a

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