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  Verus   (L. Verus) - Roman emperor, 161-169 A.D.
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  + Antoninus , Lucius
Euseb]:Chron_217 rcus Antoninus Pius and Lucius Verus became emperors of
Festus:Brev.14 Antonines, Marcus and Verus, and under Severus, Pertina
Festus:Brev.21 Antonines, Marcus and Verus, that is, father-in-law and
Julian:Caes_312 Verus [ Marcus Aurelius ] and Lucius. Silenus scowled hor
Polyaen_01.Preface majesties, Antoninus and Verus, will also now attend with
Polyaen_02.Preface majesties, Antoninus and Verus, with this second book of
Polyaen_03.Preface majesties, Antoninus and Verus; and I trust that some adva
Polyaen_04.Preface majesties, Antoninus and Verus; which I have written with
Polyaen_05.Preface acred majesties, Antoninus and Verus. I do not myself assu
Polyaen_06.Preface majesties, Antoninus and Verus, I also address this sixth
Polyaen_07.Preface acred majesties, Antoninus and Verus. In this book you wil
Polyaen_08.Preface acred majesties, Antoninus and Verus. And having with it

Verussee Aurelius

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