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  Xenon 2   - archon of Delphi, 188 B.C.
188/9 -125, a list of Delphic proxeni for the year when Xenon was archon
    Within translations:
OGIS_241 (189/8)   the year when Xenon was archon: since Damokrates,
Syll_585 (197-175)   When the archon was Xenon son of Ateisidas {189

  Xenon 3   - Athenian archon, 133 B.C.
133/_ Athenian archon: Xenon

  Xenon   - in documents
OGIS_345 (95/4)   and [Hybrias] son of Xenon were sent as envoys
SelPap_1.52 being part of the holding of Xenon . . . whatever
Syll_378 (c. 287)   councillors were Athambos, Xenon and Iasimachos. &
Syll_404 (276)   ncillors were Charixenos, Xenon and Theudoridas.
Syll_423 (252/1 or 249/8)   council were Aischriondas, Xenon and Amphistratos.
Syll_445 (251/0 or 247/6)   council were Echekratidas, Xenon and Euippos. &r
Syll_452 (254/3 or 250/49)   ston, Nikodamos, Pleiston, Xenon and Epicharidas.
Syll_585 (197-175)   kritos, Kleodamos and Xenon: When the archon was P
Syll_602 (200-190)   on son of Boulon, together wit
Syll_614 (c. 180/79)   ncil [were Diodoros, Xenon and Sosikrates, it was
Syll_654 (c. 149-144)   isitheos son of Xenon] was archon, and the member
Syll_689 (c. 134)   atos [son of Eudoros], Xenon son of Aristoboulos, a
Syll_690 (c. 135)   ral dancers :   Xenon of Thebes, the son of Do
THI_127 (c. 210)   s : Xenophanes son of Xenon   {E}   Suppl
THI_147 (270-250)   the magistrates were Xenon son of Polysaōn, Ky
THI_24 (early 2nd cent.)   esses: priests: Xenon and Athambos private individ
THI_61.D (173-169)   trios second:   Xenon of Rhodes, the son of ..
Vit:Nicand_2 Ariston, Nicodamus, Pleiston, Xenon and Epicharidas. [

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