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  Zenon   of Elea - a Greek philosopher, 5th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Apollod:Fr_30   on) ; DiogLaert_9'29 (Zenon) & Zenon of Elea. [31] & DiogL
Athen_11.505   any compelling need, that Zeno, Parmenides' fellow-citizen, was his
Cic:Acad_2.129   was followed by Parmenides and Zenon ( and so the school
Cic:Tusc_2.52   the different kinds of honour. Zenon of Elea will occur to
Cic:Tusc_5.34   [12.] Though Zenon of Citium, a stranger and
DiogLaert_7.35   fferent persons of the name of Zenon. The first was the
FGrH_252.B   us, Anaxagoras, Parmenides and Zenon [were in their prime]
ValMax_3.3e.2     I will begin from Zenon of Elea; who being a

  Zenon 2   of Citium - the founder of the Stoic school of philosophy
Wikipedia entry
  + Zenonians
313/16 Menecrates of Elaea, Zenon, and (possibly) Epicurus are pupils of
311/16 Zenon of Citium moves to Athens; he loses his wealth in a shipwreck
301/21 ollower of Crates the cynic, Zenon starts to attend the lectures of
291/3 Zenon of Citium sets himself up as an independent teacher of philos
286/10 A comment by Zenon on the number of Theophrastus' followers.
280/37 The floruit of the philosophers Zenon and Epicurus.
279/8 Cleanthes arrives at Athens and becomes a pupil of Zenon the Stoic
276/6 ratus of Soli is a pupil of Zenon, or possibly of Dionysius of Hera
276/7 Persaeus shares a home with Zenon, and on one occasion brings a flu
276/8 Zenon sends Persaeus as his representative to the court of Antigonu
274/7 Demochares urges Zenon to take advantage of his friendship with Ant
269/6 Sayings of Polemon, addressed to Zenon and others.
261/24 Antigonus visits Zenon and persuades him to go to a party.
261/25 nysius "Metathemenos" leaves Zenon and joins the Cyrenaean sect of
261/26 Sayings of Zenon, addressed to Amoebeus, Antigonus, Ariston, Cleant
261/27 The character of Zenon and his followers, including Cleanthes, Dion
261/28 The death of Zenon, the founder of the stoic school of philosophy.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_4.45   believe, occurred with Zenon and Cleanthes, if there is
AnthPal_7.117   ENODOTUS & { H 1 } & On Zenon the Stoic Zenon, reverend
AntipSid_16.178   Here lies great Zenon, dear to Citium, who scaled
Apollod:Fr_45   most of its growth to Zenon, and virtually all of the
Apul:Flor_14   equally willing virgin, if Zenon had not prevented the
Athen_4.162   mentaries of Stilpon and Zenon, in which he inquires, How
Athen_6.233   good order. But Zenon the Stoic, thinking everything
Athen_6.251   cquaintance and pupil of Zenon of Citium, was a flatterer
Athen_8.345   spat upon it. And Zenon of Citium, the founder of the Sto
Athen_13.561-565 *   And Pontianus said that Zenon of Citium thought that Eros
Athen_13.603   Carystus, in his Life of Zenon, writes of him in the follo
Athen_13.607   stus, in his treatise on Zenon, makes the following statem
Cic:Acad_1.7   one is a follower of Zenon, it is a great task
Cic:Acad_1.35   [10.] "Well, Zenon was by no means the
Cic:Acad_1.42   to firm and steady assent, Zenon set apart from virtue and
Cic:Acad_1.44   [44] "It was entirely with Zenon, so we have been told,"
Cic:Acad_1.fr.20   of imaginary dialogue between Zenon, Epicurus and an Academic,
Cic:Acad_2.16   the time when Arcesilas, criticising Zenon (so it is supposed) as
Cic:Acad_2.18   of phantasia was, as Zenon defined it, a presentation
Cic:Acad_2.66   of Arcesilas, agreeing with Zenon, lies in avoiding being
Cic:Acad_2.71   the authority of his master Zenon, that only the morally honourable
Cic:Acad_2.76   did not do battle with Zenon merely for the sake of
Cic:Acad_2.113   was much upheld before Zenon. I nevertheless think both
Cic:Acad_2.126   dispute with the Stoics ? Zenon and almost all the other
Cic:Acad_2.129-135 *   he was a pupil of Zenon, you see how much he
Cic:Acad_2.144   now present : according to Zenon and according to Antiochus, you
Cic:Tusc_1.19   Again, the soul seems to Zenon the Stoic to be fire.
Cic:Tusc_2.15   with the exceptions of Zenon, Ariston, Pyrrhon, were pretty
Cic:Tusc_2.29   do you impose upon me, Zenon? for when you deny what
Cic:Tusc_2.60   He meant Zenon : he was sorry the
Cic:Tusc_3.75   [75]   To this definition Zenon has added very justly, that
Cic:Tusc_4.11   [6.] Zenon's definition, then, is this: "a
Cic:Tusc_4.47   of a perturbation, as Zenon, I think, has rightly
Cic:Tusc_5.27   of Ariston of Chios, or Zenon the Stoic, who held nothing
Cic:Tusc_5.32   opinion means to prove, that Zenon and the Peripatetics differ only
Cic:Tusc_5.33   is, if the opinion of Zenon and his pupil Ariston be
Cic:Tusc_5.107   Lacydes, Aristotle, Theophrastus, Zenon, Cleanthes, Chrysippus, Antipater,
DiogLaert_7.20   say true," replied Zenon, "and their syllables
DiogLaert_7.84   Poseidonius. For Zenon of Citium, and Cleanthes, have,
DiogLaert_7.87   On which account Zenon was the first writer who, in his
DiogLaert_7.1-16 *   ophers (160-202) [1] {1} Zenon was the son of Mnaseas, or
DiogLaert_7.108   this name given to it by Zenon, in the first instance, its
DiogLaert_7.110   is itself, according to Zenon, a movement of the mind,
DiogLaert_7.120-122 *   tions, and so say Persaeus and Zenon. For if one thing tha
DiogLaert_7.127-131 *   icient for happiness, as Zenon says, and he is followed
DiogLaert_7.134   everything. And Zenon, the Citiaean, lays down this doc
DiogLaert_7.136   ir, and earth. And Zenon speaks of these in his treatise
DiogLaert_7.142-145 *   nds of things. Now Zenon speaks of the creation, and of
DiogLaert_7.148-150 *   of God is asserted by Zenon to be the universal world,
DiogLaert_7.153   asunder by the wind, as Zenon tells us in his treatise
DiogLaert_7.157   niverse. [157] But Zenon the Citiaean, and Antipater in
DiogLaert_7.161-170 *   tues into his scheme, as Zenon did; nor one virtue under
DiogLaert_7.173-179 *   at, on the principles of Zenon, one could judge of a man's
DiogLaert_7.189   Dialectics, addressed to Zenon; [190] one called the Art
DiogLaert_7.195   Reasonings, addressed to Zenon; one on Primary Syllogisms,
DiogLaert_7.201   two books, addressed to Zenon; [202] a treatise on Dialec
DiogLaert_7.25-32 *   uot;I am not ignorant, O Zenon, that you slip into the gar
DiogLaert_7.36-40 *   er. [36] {31} The disciples of Zenon were very numerous.
DiogLaert_10.27   in the works of Aristotle and Zenon. Such then, so numero
Ennius:Ann_7   will ; or, according to Zenon of Citium, that the seed
Hieron:Chron_1753   753] [1748 in Ar.] Zenon the Stoic died, and was succeeded
Julian:Caes_309   have handed him over to Zenon here, I shall transform him
Lucian:Macr_19   hundred years, [19] and Zenon, the head of the Stoic scho
MArgent_11.28   ortal, know that Cleanthes and Zenon went to deep Hades.
Phld:Sto_1   of the disposition of [ Zenon's ] soul, he would not
Phld:Sto_3   he wished, and that Zenon rarely committed himself to
Phld:Sto_12   Persaeus was loved most by Zenon, and indeed he lived together
Phld:Sto_13   remained at a distance from Zenon, and he travelled around with
Phld:Sto_16   who was a pupil of Zenon . . .
Phld:Sto_20   . it was said by Zenon about such things . .
Phld:Sto_61   some of the doctrines of Zenon to accept Academic and Peripatetic
Phld:Sto_79   therefore, all those who succeeded Zenon as [and the] sects .
Plin:HN_34.92   found there except one of Zenon; it was not the value
Plut:Arat_23   it, that this maxim of Zenon's once pleased me more than
Plut:Cleom_2   principal disciples of Zenon of Citium; and it seems tha
Plut:Mor_183   rs' valour. & When Zenon of Citium, whom he admired beyond
Plut:Phoc_5   severe. For as Zenon says, that a philosopher should
Teles_46   is open to philosophy? Zenon says that Crates was once
Vit:Arat_3   atus was an associate of Zenon the Stoic, and he wrote a

  Zenon 3   of Caunus - an Egyptian official, in the middle of the 3rd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
258/2 Zenon returns from Syria to Egypt.
257/3a _1.88A, a letter from Antimenes to Zenon, about a winter sea voyage.
257/4 PCZen_59037, a letter to Zenon about the son of Danaus.
257/6 SelPap_1.88, a letter from Hierocles to Zenon.
257/9 l_74, a a letter from Zenon, Protogenes, and Apollonides to Zenon
257/12 Bagnall_73, a letter from Aristeides to Zenon.
257/17 SelPap_1.170, a letter from Cydippus to Zenon.
256/3 SelPap_1.89, a letter from Promethion to Zenon.
256/17a PCZen_59092, a list of Zenon's clothes.
255/1 PCZen_1.59154, a letter from Apollonius to Zenon.
255/4a Austin_307, a letter of complaint to Zenon.
255/23 SelPap_1.92, a letter from Platon to Zenon.
254/2 PCZen_59451, a letter from the "hierodouloi" of Bubastis to Zenon
254/4 Bagnall_114, a complaint about discrimination sent to Zenon.
254/5 Bagnall_135, a letter to Zenon from Epharmostus, asking for releas
254/6 PCZen_59202, a letter from Apollonius to Zenon about a brewery
253/5 PCZen_59823, a letter from Promethion to Zenon.
252/3 PCZen_59251, a letter from Artemidorus to Zenon.
249/4 Bagnall_75, a letter from Pataecion to Zenon.
247/12 Bagnall_106, a letter from Calippus to Zenon.
247/13 Apollonius dismisses Zenon from his post as estate manager.
241/25 PCZen_59832, a petition from Zenon to Ptolemy III.
240/3a SelPap_1.95A, a letter from Philon to Zenon.
237/4 Bagnall_108, a royal decree in response to a petition of Zenon
    Within translations:
PCairZen_59015-59019 *   a consignment of oil, Zenon wrote the drafts of five
PCairZen_59028   h's wages and was now by Zenon's order about to be paid
PCairZen_59038   mos where Apollonios and Zenon were then staying, perhaps
PCairZen_59043-59045 *   gs. Farewell. Addressed} & To Zenon. Docketed} & From
PCairZen_59056   Peritios 10. Addressed} & To Zenon. Docketed} & From
PCairZen_59057   dle then. And from Zenon, Apollonios' friend, get a donkey
PCairZen_59077   steps in the matter. Krotos to Zenon greeting. Know that
PCairZen_59093   mpt to examine. Herakleitos to Zenon greeting. If you your
PCairZen_59106   in the Fayoum and, like Zenon after him, was continually
PCairZen_59107   seems probable that when Zenon superseded Panakestor as
PCairZen_59125   is not certain. Apollonios to Zenon greeting. You have
PCairZen_59132   een properly delimited. Mys to Zenon greeting. Concerning
PCairZen_59142   in the Fayoum. Apollonios to Zenon greeting. You have
PCairZen_59145   presented a petition to Zenon , and she now addresses him
PCairZen_59148   stos was staying. Hierokles to Zenon greeting. If you are
PCairZen_59150   lapse of a year he asks Zenon to give an order for the
PCairZen_59154-59160 *   ficed and eaten. Apollonios to Zenon greeting. From your
PCairZen_59166-59169 *   neighbourhood. Apollonios to Zenon greeting. Draw up and
PCairZen_59179   ore Krataimenes. Apollonios to Zenon greeting. Concerning
PCairZen_59180   very large area. Apollonios to Zenon greeting. You have
PCairZen_59184   Year 31 . . . Addressed} & To Zenon. Docketed} & Year
PCairZen_59195   PCairZen_59142 Apollonios to Zenon and Panakestor greeti
PCairZen_59199   Phamenoth 6. Addressed} & To Zenon. Docketed} & Concern
PCairZen_59220   rather obscure. Apollonios to Zenon greeting. Give out
PCairZen_59223   crops was put to the credit of Zenon or Apollonios in the
PCairZen_59225   Worlds', p. 121 Artemidoros to Zenon, greetings. If you
PCairZen_59240-59245 *   ient World', no. 94 Cleonax to Zenon greeting. Re: the mul
PCairZen_59254   their allotments. Phanias to Zenon greeting. I have deci
PCairZen_59256   was necessary. Philiskos to Zenon greeting. Before your
PCairZen_59263   temporary absence. Philon to Zenon greeting. If you your
PCairZen_59300   Pachons 2. Addressed} & To Zenon. Docketed} & Year
PCairZen_59308   real creator of Philadelphia. Zenon to Axates greeting.
PCairZen_59317   the Vineyard', p. 401 Horos to Zenon, greetings. From the
PCairZen_59322   the letter was found in Zenon's archives, we may suppose
PCairZen_59329   Menippos, vine-dressers, to Zenon, greetings. Please
PCairZen_59330   Its Context', p. 200 Pemnas to Zenon greeting. Concerning
PCairZen_59337   eing now late autumn. Iason to Zenon greeting. I went over
PCairZen_59341   tte would have permitted Zenon to write directly to the
PCairZen_59344   but was probably intended for Zenon. Iason, Theopompos
PCairZen_59351   To king Ptolemy greeting from Zenon. I am being wronged
PCairZen_59362   SAE vol.20, no. 60 Zenon appears here as a person of influ
PCairZen_59367   was the nominal surety, Zenon stood behind him and was
PCairZen_59368   against Ammonios. Sostratos to Zenon and Xenophon greeting
PCairZen_59371   ikonomos of no. 63. Ariston to Zenon greeting. On the 8th
PCairZen_59421   variable one. To Zenon greeting from Dionysios the corn-
PCairZen_59451   rld', pp. 63-64 To Zenon, greetings from the temple slaves
PCairZen_59467   bee-keepers , and though Zenon used them rather freely (
PCairZen_59470   at Philadelphia. Molossos to Zenon, greetings. When I
PCairZen_59481   raeco-Roman Worlds', p. 119 To Zenon greetings, Paēsi
PCairZen_59484   from the carpet-weaver Pais to Zenon. Concerning the compl
PCairZen_59499   Memorandum from Petosiris to Zenon greetings. Pais the
PCairZen_59519   Phaneisis the corn-measurer to Zenon greeting. It is now
PLond_1934   Apollonios to Zenon, greeting. We have
PLond_1941   letter from Hierokles to Zenon, SelPap_1.88 Hierokles to
PLond_1967   izations', p. 117 Psenemous to Zenon greeting. The outlyin
PLond_1976   ent Egypt', p. 102 Haynchis to Zenon greeting. Taking beer
PLond_2017   Memo from Herakleotes to Zenon and Nestos, my appointed
PLond_2052   17 Memorandum to Zenon from Sosikrates concerning those
PPetr_2-13-11   Ancient Civilizations', p. 117 Zenon to Kleon greetings.
PSI_329   entury B.C.', p. 30 Amyntas to Zenon greeting. You must
PSI_341   169 Greetings to Zenon from Apollophanes and Demetrios,
PSI_345   entury B.C.', p. 95 Kritias to Zenon greeting. They are
PSI_393   of the vineyard belonging to Zenon and Sostratos. On the
PSI_406   Memorandum to Zenon from Herakleides the chario
PSI_411   Century B.C.', p. 31 Kriton to Zenon greeting. Apollonios
PSI_483   t', p. 112 ( PDF ). Amyntas to Zenon, greetings. Kallianax
PSI_495   neither previously nor when Zenon was present . . . Kri
PSI_500   Century B.C.', p. 56 Maron to Zenon greetings. If you are
PSI_502   Office, 257 BCE Panakestor to Zenon greeting. If you are
PSI_528   far as we know, Zenon was never married, and so the wor
PSI_599   Hellenistic Egypt', p.168 To Zenon, greeting from the
SelPap_1.90A   (254) Apollonius to Zenon greeting. As soon as you
SelPap_1.95A   (240) Philon to Zenon greeting. If you yourself and
SelPap_3.109   Hades. So he saved hunter Zenon from distress, unschooled * ;

  Zenon 4   of Sidon - a Stoic philosopher, 3rd century B.C.
DiogLaert_7.38   dria; Athenodorus of Soli; and Zenon, a Sidonian. Followin
Phld:Sto_11   . . the praised book; Zenon of Sidon, named . .

  Zenon 5   of Tarsus - a Stoic philosopher, early 2nd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
206/6 ppus; his successor as head of the Stoic school is Zenon of Tarsus
155/4 Diogenes is persuaded by Zenon (? of Tarsus) to study philosophy.
    Within translations:
DiogLaert_7.35   fferent persons of the name of Zenon. The first was the
DiogLaert_7.41   his is the opinion advanced by Zenon of Tarsus, among othe
DiogLaert_7.84   pus, and Archedemus, and Zenon of Tarsus, and Apollodorus,
Phld:Sto_48   of Artemidorus, who [succeeded] Zenon as head the school];

  Zenon 6   Cotylas - tyrant of Philadelphia, late 2nd century B.C.
Joseph:AJ_13.235 had so done, he fled to Zenon, who was called Cotylas,
Joseph:AJ_13.356 Theodorus, the son of Zenon, had his chief treasure,
Joseph:AJ_13.393 ere was the best part of Zenon's treasures, and there he
Joseph:BJ_01.60 heir mother, and fled to Zenon, who was also called Cotyla
Joseph:BJ_01.86 sions of Theodorus, the son of Zenon. [87] Whereupon Theod

  Zenon 7   of Sidon - an Epicurean philsopher, 1st century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
78/11 end the lectures of Phaedrus and Zenon, two Epicurean philosophers
    Within translations:
Athen_13.611   Epicurus, was accused by Zenon the Epicurean, and put to
Cic:Acad_1.46   especially from the Epicurean Zenon, ** who though disagreeing
Cic:Tusc_3.38   Epicurus, in the words of Zenon, so that there is no
DiogLaert_7.35   fferent persons of the name of Zenon. The first was the
DiogLaert_10.25   aeus the Fair. And Zenon of Sidon, a pupil of Apollodorus,

  Zenon 8   - Byzantine emperor, 474-491 A.D.
Wikipedia entry
ExcBarb_48B ears Leo the younger and Zenon for 2 years Basiliscus and

  Zenon 9   - an Egyptian officer in Attica, early 3rd century B.C.
286/16a 67, an Athenian decree in honour of Zenon, an officer of Ptolemy.
    Within translations:
OGIS_773 (c. 286)   to the vote; since Zenon, who was left here by Bakc

  Zenon 10   - Athenian archon, 54 B.C.
54/_ Athenian archon: Zenon

  Zenon 11   (Flavius Zenon) - Roman consul, 448 A.D.
Wikipedia entry
SelPap_1.46 consulship of Flavius Zenon and Flavius Postumianus

  Zenon   - in documents
286/16b OGIS_773, a decree of the island of Ios in honour of Zenon.
    Within translations:
OGIS_59 (163)   son of Pyth... Zenon Menodoros Anaxion Apollonios
SelPap_1.6 (13)   es, and from Antipater son of Zenon. Zois and Antip
Syll_322 thenodoros son of Drymon Zenon son of Demostratos Aisc
Syll_399 (278/7)   tragedies; Ariston son of Zenon, director of trag
Syll_418 (272-270)   money and convicted Zenon of Soloi with a fine of
Syll_657 (155/4)   cted by the people Zenon of Anaphlystos, the son of
THI_107 (188-186)   xiles Herodes son of Zenon Antigonos son of Hekatai
THI_98 (250-200)   rth Heroides son of Zenon ,   on behalf of Hek

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