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  Zoilus   of Amphipolis - Greek grammarian, 4th century B.C.
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279/16 Ptolemy punishes Zoilus for his outspoken criticism of Homer's
    Within translations:
[Longin]:Subl_9   Circe turned into swine - Zoilus ** called them "porkers in
Plut:Mor_844   he got the orations of Zoilus of Amphipolis, and by the
Vit:Arat_3   a reply to the calumnies of Zoilus. Aratus became famou
Vit:Arat_4   the first to reply to Zoilus' attacks on the poetry of

  Zoilus 2   - a maker of armour, late 4th century B.C.
Plut:Demetr_21 weighed 40 minae. Zoilus, the maker, to show their toughn

  Zoilus 3   of Aspendus - a worshipper of Serapis, 3rd century B.C.
257/3 PCZen_59034, a petition from Zoilus to Apollonius.

  Zoilus 4   - tyrant of Dora and Straton's Tower, late 2nd century B.C.
Joseph:AJ_13.324 which were held by the tyrant Zoilus. [325] Now while Ant
Joseph:AJ_13.326 tressed with this siege, Zoilus, who possessed Strato's
Joseph:AJ_13.329 as also they said, that Zoilus, and besides these the Sid
Joseph:AJ_13.334 rn. [334] But when Zoilus and the people of Gaza came to
Joseph:AJ_13.335 uital, he would take off Zoilus the tyrant, and give his

  Zoilus   - in documents
AnthPal_7.446 4 } & The stranger is Zoïlus of Hermione, but he
Meleager_12.76 tell from their form which is Zoilus and which is Love.
Nicarch_11.82 he had had five more friends, Zoilus, he would have come
OGIS_59 (163)   onios son of Mn... Damothemis Zoilos Apollonios son
PCairZen_59057 mewhat indiscreetly, to Zenon. Zoilos to Alexandros greeti
PSI_495 well] . . . we too are well. & Zoilos the . . . in Ptolema
PSI_502 on 14th of Pachons from Zoilos, in which you write that
SEG_35.665 (c. 160)   on of Damion Lysion son of Zoïlos Soton son of
SEG_45.1556 (175-150)   of Chrysaor] son of Zoïlos son Polyperchon, ha
SEG_53.1373 (late 3rd century)   e son of Apollonios Zoïlos of Rhoiteion, the
SelPap_1.13 the one year. I, Zoilus son of Horus son of Zoilus
SelPap_1.178 Zoilus to Agathodaemon, admin
SelPap_1.190 nter's glue, 152 dr.; to Zoilus of my household like
SelPap_1.4 to Heracleides son of Zoilus, on the north the hol
SelPap_1.49 Asclepiades, surnamed Zoilus, have written for him
SelPap_1.69 as aforesaid. I, Zoilus son of Horus, have written
SelPap_1.79 Thonis, her mother being Zoilous, of the said city,
SelPap_2.240 is one of the 24. Zoilus son of Dionysius, ex-gymnasi
SelPap_2.343 works, Herieus son of Zoilus, Hermes son of Apun
SelPap_2.389 Patsontis in Bacchias : Zoilus son of Petesouchus so
SelPap_2.405 From Aurelius Zoilus, son of Apollonius an
SelPap_2.406 father, and Sotas son of Zoilus, all four overseers of
Syll_331 (after 306)   na have reported that Zoïlos of Boeotia, the
Syll_485 (soon after 235/4)   ligeitos of Megara Zoïlos of Thessaly Agathon
Syll_509 (225 or 221)   Mytilene, the son of Zoïos Flute-player (bo
Syll_585 (197-175)   os and Xenon: [190] Zoilos of Alexandria, the so
Syll_636 (178)   Oropos, the son of Zoïlos Achaeans from Pht
THI_145 (late 3rd cent.)   y Kratisthenes son of Zoïlos: since Hermeios o
THI_151 (145-137)   * * * . . . Zoïlos son of Timasitheos Aphthone
THI_24 (early 2nd cent.)   chos son of Petraios, Zoïlos son of Heroidas
THI_43 (202/1)   sp; Hekataios son of Zoilos, and on behalf of his

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