Justinus: Epitome of Pompeius Trogus' "Philippic histories"

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The following books are available in translation (books 1-12 and 19-21 are on the ForumRomanum website):

Book 1 - The kings of the Assyrians, Medes and Persians

Book 2 - The early history of Athens; the Persians invade Greece

Book 3 - The early history of Sparta; the start of the Peloponnesian War

Book 4 - The early history of Sicily; the Athenian expedition to Sicily

Book 5 - Alcibiades and the end of the Peloponnesian War; Athens surrenders to Sparta

Book 6 - The domination of Sparta in Greece; Sparta is defeated by the Thebans

Book 7 - The early history of Macedonia

Book 8 - Philippus II expands the kingdom of Macedonia and fights against the Phocians

Book 9 - Philippus defeats the Athenians and the Thebans; the death of Philippus

Book 10 - The death of Artaxerxes III of Persia, and the accession of Dareius III

Book 11 - Alexander invades Asia; the defeat and death of Dareius

Book 12 - The despotic behaviour of Alexander; his invasion of India, and death at Babylon

Book 13 - The regency and death of Perdiccas; Antipater suppresses a Greek revolt

Book 14 - Antigonus defeats Eumenes; Cassander puts Olympias to death.

Book 15 - The wars of Antigonus against Lysimachus, Seleucus, and Cassander.

Book 16 - Demetrius, Lysimachus and Pyrrhus fight over Macedonia; the history of Heracleia.

Book 17 - The deaths of Lysimachus and Seleucus; Pyrrhus and the history of Epirus.

Book 18 - The war between Pyrrhus and the Romans; the early history of Carthage.

Book 19 - The Carthaginians in Sicily; the army of Himilco is destroyed by a plague

Book 20 - The exploits of Dionysius I, tyrant of Syracuse

Book 21 - Dionysius II is expelled from Syracuse

Book 22 - Agathocles becomes tyrant of Syracuse, and invades Africa.

Book 23 - The death of Agathocles; Pyrrhus and Hieron in Sicily.

Book 24 - The Gauls kill Ptolemy Ceraunus and invade Greece, but are defeated at Delphi.

Book 25 - War between Antigonus and Pyrrhus; the death of Pyrrhus.

Book 26 - The reign of Antigonus Gonatas in Macedonia; Demetrius "the Fair" in Cyrene.

Book 27 - Wars of Seleucus II against Ptolemy III, and then against his brother Antiochus.

Book 28 - Revolution in Epirus; Antigonus Doson defeats Cleomenes of Sparta.

Book 29 - Philippus fights against the Aetolians and the Romans.

Book 30 - The weak rule of Ptolemy IV in Egypt; the Romans defeat Philippus.

Book 31 - The Romans defeat Antiochus III, king of Syria, and Nabis, tyrant of Sparta.

Book 32 - The deaths of Philopoemen, Antiochus, Demetrius, Philippus and Hannibal.

Book 33 - The Romans defeat Perseus and gain control of Macedonia.

Book 34 - The Romans defeat the Achaeans, and force Antiochus IV out of Egypt.

Book 35 - Alexander Balas defeats and kills Demetrius I of Syria.

Book 36 - Antiochus VII attacks the Jews; Attalus III bequeaths Asia to the Romans.

Book 37 - The early adventures of Mithridates.

Book 38 - Mithridates invades Asia; the Parthians defeat Antiochus VII.

Book 39 - Civil war in Egypt and Syria.

Book 40 - Tigranes of Armenia invades Syria; Syria becomes a Roman province.

Book 41 - The early history of the Parthians; the reign of Eucratides, king of Bactria.

Book 42 - The early history of Armenia; the expansion of the Parthian empire.

Book 43 - The early history of Rome and Massilia.

Book 44 - Spain and Lusitania; Augustus completes the conquest of Spain.

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