Kirakos Ganjakets'i's

History of the Armenians

Translated from Classical Armenian
by Robert Bedrosian

For my mother Isabel Torigian Bedrosian

This translation is in the public domain. It may be copied and distributed freely.

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Translator's Preface

Table of Contents

1. Brief history of the period from Saint Gregory to the present, written by Kirakos of the renowned congregation of Getik.
Brief history of Saint Gregory and a list of the names of his successors on the [kat'oghikosal] throne.
2. [Continuation of the list of kat'oghikoi].

3. Regarding the Kingship of Lewon in the West.

4. Concerning the princes in eastern Armenia, Zak'are and his brother Iwane.

5. The meeting which Zak'aria called to discuss certain matters.

6. The coming of the kat'oghikos of Aghbania/Aghuania [Caucasian Albania] to the great princes, because of harassment from foreigners.

7. Concerning the venerable vardapets in Vaspurakan.

8. The death of general Zak'are.

9. King Lewon and his death.

10. A brief section on the history of Aghbania/Aghuania is presented below.

11. Concerning the coming of the T'at'ar army and the putting to flight of the king of the Georgians.

12. The defeat of the troops in the borders of Gandzak.

13. Vardapet Mxit'ar, where he was from and what sort of man he was.

14. Concerning the building of Nor (New) Getik.

15. Concerning those of [Mxit'ar's] students who were prominent.

16. The death of the great vardapet called Gosh.

17. Concerning who held the directorship of the monastery after him.

18. Concerning Sultan Jalal al-Din and the destruction of the Georgian army in 674 A.E. [1225].

19. Concerning the destruction of Sultan Jalal al-Din, and his removal from the world.

20. How the T'at'ars arose to pollute the entire world.

21. Concerning the destruction of the city of Gandzak.

22. Concerning the destruction of the lands of Armenia and Georgia by that same army.

23. The capture of the city of Shamk'or.

24. Concerning the capture of vardapet Vanakan and those with him.

25. Concerning the destruction of the city of Lorhe.

26. How prince Awag fell into their hands.

27. How the Lord betrayed the city of Ani into the hands of the T'at'ars.

28. Concerning the destruction of Kars.

29. Concerning the sending of prince Awag to the Khan in the East.

30. Concerning the destruction which occurred in the Xach'en area, and about the pious prince Jalal.

31. Concerning the church [Hassan Jalal] built.

32. A brief description of the T'at'ars' appearance.

33. Concerning Rhaban of Syria.

34. The destruction of T'eodupolis [Karin/Erzerum].

35. Concerning the war which took place between the sultan and the T'at'ars.

36. Concerning the Armenian king Het'um and what he did.

37. Concerning the prince of Lambron, Kostand, and what he did in the land of Cilicia.

38. The reign of Dawit'.

39. Regarding the summoning of lord Nerses, kat'oghikos of the Aghbanians/Aghuans/Caucasian Albanians, to the Great Court.

40. Concerning their raiding in the Vaspurakan area and in many other districts.

41-42. Concerning the canonical orders of the kat'oghikos of the Armenians, Kostandin.

43. Canons of Kostandin, kat'oghikos of the Armenians.

44. Regarding the tax collectors who came from the Khan.

45. Regarding the Georgian kings' journey to the Khan.

46. Concerning the journey to the Khan undertaken by Smbat, general of Armenia, and the son of Sultan Ghiyath al-Din.

47. Concerning the destruction wrought by the T'at'ars in Georgia.

48. Concerning Dawit' the Deceiver.

49. Concerning the demon in the form of a woman which copulated with a certain man.

50-52. Regarding the problem which arose among Christians concerning the Holy Spirit of God, whether it should be said to originate solely from the Father, or from the Father and the Son.

53. Concerning the death of the blessed vardapet Vanakan.

54. Concerning Yovhannes Garhnets'i.

55. Regarding Sartakh (Sart'ax), son of Batu.

56. Concerning the locusts which devoured the land.

57. The census undertaken at the order of Mongke-Khan.

58. Concerning the trip of the pious king of the Armenians, Het'um, to Batu and Mongke-Khan.

59. The destruction of the land of the Romans [Rum].

60. The destruction of Baghdad.

61. The destruction of the city of Martyropolis.

62. Concerning what was done in Mesopotamia and Lower Syria.

63. The death of pious prince Jalal.

64. The death of prince Shahnshah and his son Zak'are.

65. Concerning the great war which occurred between Hulegu and Berke.

The following modern chronological tables may be helpful as accompaniments to the translation:
Rulers of Armenia and of Eastern and Western Empires
Kat'oghikoi and Corresponding Secular Rulers of the Armenians
Rulers of Armenia and Iberia/Georgia

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