32 B.C. Olympiad 187.1

Consuls: Cn. Domitius L.f. Ahenobarbus, C. Sosius C.f.
Olympic victor in the stadion race: Ariston of Thurii (II)

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1 ROM {January} The consuls decide not to publish Antonius' dispatches concerning his activities in the eastern provinces.
+DioCass_49.41'4-5; { CAH_10'41.}
2 Sosius speaks out against Octavianus in the senate.
3 Octavianus appears in the senate with an armed guard, and the consuls leave Rome to join Antonius.
Suet:Aug_17'2; +DioCass_50.2'5-7; { CAH_10'49-50; Syme_p278.}
4 EGY {30 Phamenoth -E = March} Document: OGIS_196, recording a visit to Philae by C. Julius Papius.
4a NAR {29 March} Document: CIL_add.11, a graffito on a wall in Glanum.
5 ROM ++ The amiable and cultured character of T. Pomponius Atticus.
Nepos:Att_6'1-5, 13'1-18'6.
6 {31 March} The death of Atticus.
#Nepos:Att_21'1-22'4; { CAH_10'883; OCD_a.}
7 Antonius formally divorces Octavia.
* Read Plutarch's account
[Liv]:Per_132; Plut:Ant_57'4-5; +DioCass_50.3'2; Eutrop_7.6'1; Hieron:Chron_1984; Oros_6.19'4; Malal_219; { CAH_10'51; Hölbl_p245.}
7a ASI << Document: SEG_61.978, altars dedicated to Cleopatra and Ptolemy at Teos.
8 GRE Antonius goes to Greece, where he stays for the rest of the year.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:Ant_57'1-3; DioCass_49.44'3, +50.9'2-6; { Hölbl_p245; Syme_p280.}
9 PER The Parthians conquer Media Atropatene.
DioCass_49.44'4; { OHIH_p173.}
10 PAL Herodes defeats the Nabataean Arabs.
Joseph:BJ_1'364-367, '388, :AJ_15'108-115, '189.
11 ROM Plancus and Titius desert from Antonius to Octavianus.
* Read Velleius' account
Vell_2.83'1-3; Plut:Ant_58'4; +DioCass_50.3'1-3; { CAH_10'51; OCD_t.}
12 ARM Artaxias is established as king of Armenia by the Parthians.
Movses_2'24; { OHIH_p173.}
13 PAL The Arabs defeat Herodes, with the assistance of one of Cleopatra's generals.
Joseph:BJ_1'367-369, :AJ_15'115-120; { Smallwood_p67.}
14 ROM Octavianus seizes the will of Antonius, and reads it in the senate.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:Ant_58'5-11; Suet:Aug_17'1; +DioCass_50.3'4-5, 20'7; { Syme_p282.}
15 GRE Geminius fails to persuade Antonius to send Cleopatra back to Egypt.
16 ITA All Italy takes an oath of allegiance to Octavianus.
* Read Augustus' account
Aug:ResGest_25; Plut:Ant_58'1-3; Suet:Aug_17'2; { CAH_10'53; Syme_p284-291.}
17 EGY According to the poets, Cleopatra hopes to conquer Rome.
* Read Propertius' account
Prop_3.11'29-49; Hor:Od_1.37'6-12; Ovid:Met_15'827-828; Lucan_10'60-67; Eutrop_7.7'1; Malal_219.
18 ROM The Romans declare war on Cleopatra.
* Read Dio's account
Plut:Ant_60'1; Appian:BCiv_4'45; +DioCass_50.4'1-6'1; { CAH_10'54; Hölbl_p246.}
19 Pollio refuses to join in fighting against Antonius.
20 == Octavianus starts to restore the temple of Jupiter Feretrius.
* Read Nepos' account
Aug:ResGest_19; ~Nepos:Att_20'3; Liv_4.20'7; { CAH_10'788=31; apparently not completed until at least 27 B.C.}
21 == Domitius builds baths on the Via Sacra.
Seneca:Contr_9.4'18;L  { during his consulship.}

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