33 B.C. Olympiad 186.4

Consuls: Imp. Caesar Divi f. (II), L. Volcacius L.f. Tullus
Athenian archon: (?) Cleidamus

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1 ROM {1 January} Octavianus resigns as consul on the first day of the year.
Appian:Ill_28; #DioCass_49.43'6-7.
2 EGY {26 Mecheir -E = February} Document: BD_52B, exemptions granted to P.Canidius by Cleopatra.
3 ROM {27 April} The triumph of L.Marcius Philippus, from Spain.
4 ROM {1 June} The triumph of Ap. Claudius Pulcher, from Spain.
5 ILL The Dalmatians surrender to Octavianus.
Appian:Ill_28; { CAH_10'173.}
6 ARM Antonius makes a pact with the king of Media Atropatene.
* Read Plutarch's account
Strab_11'523;(13.2)  Plut:Ant_53'11-12; +DioCass_49.44'1-2.
6a EGY {30 Epeiph -E = 26 July} Document: AET_5.5, the epitaph of Berenice, daughter of Psherenptah.
7 ROM Octavianus restores the Porticus Octavia, and displays the trophies from Illyria there.
* Read Appian's account
Appian:Ill_16, 28; +DioCass_49.43'8; { CAH_10'46-47, '174; Dio's account of this is confused.}
8 ARM Antonius assigns Armenia Minor to Polemon.
DioCass_49.33'2, +44'3; { CAH_10'48; OCD_p.}
9 ROM Octavianus and Antonius exchange mutual insults and accusations.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plin:HN_14'148;L  Plut:Ant_55'1-4; Suet:Aug_69'1-2; DioCass_49.41'6, +50.1'2-2'1; { CAH_10'43; Syme_p276.}
10 ASI Antonius and Cleopatra gather their forces at Ephesus.
Plut:Ant_56'1-10; { Hölbl_p245; Syme_p266.}
11 {3 December} The triumph of L.Cornificius, from Africa.
12 {31 December} The legal powers of the triumvirs formally lapse.
Aug:ResGest_7; [Liv]:Per_132; { CAH_10'67-68; Syme_p277.}
13 == Agrippa as aedile supervises building work in Rome, including improvements to the aqueducts and sewers.
* Read Dio's account
Plin:HN_36'104, '121; Frontin:Aqu_1'9, '10, 2'98; DioCass_49.42'2, +43'1-5; { CAH_10'788.}
14 ILL == Octavianus founds more Roman colonies, including Pola in Istria.
* Read St.Jerome's account
Mela_2'57; Plin:HN_3'129 +Hieron:Chron_1984; { CAH_10'574.}
15 == Document: CIL_5.525, recording the construction of a wall at Tergeste by Octavianus.
16 ROM == The future emperor Tiberius makes a speech at the funeral of his father.
Suet:Tib_6'4; { OCD_nero; when Tiberius was 9 years old.}
17 == M.Varro recommends a remedy for asp bites.
Plin:HN_29'65;L  { in a book written when he was 83 years old.}
18 ?? L.Lamia recovers consciousness on his funeral pyre, but cannot be rescued.
ValMax_1.8'12b; { probably the same Lamia who was praetor in 43 B.C.}
19 ?? Document: Campbell_340,B  an edict of Octavianus granting privileges to veterans. { issued when Octavianus was triumvir for the second time.}
20 MAU ?? Bocchus tries to punish thirty of his elephants.
21 == Octavianus seizes control of Mauretania after the death of Bocchus.
Strab_17'828;(3.7)  DioCass_49.43'7; { CAH_10'168; OCD_b.}
22 == Four Greek rhetoricians (Nicetes, Hybreas, Theodorus and Plution) are in their prime.
23 ASI << Antonius and Cleopatra allegedly indulge in degenerate behaviour, including the swallowing of a pearl.
Aug:Fr_12'16; Plin:HN_9'119-121,L  14'148,L  33'50; Flor_2.21'1-3; Macrob:Sat_3.17'14-18;L  { CAH_10'42.}
23a GRE << Document: Syll_767, a statue of the proquaestor Silanus, dedicated by a league of Greeks.
24 AEG ?? Document: SEG_46.1088, a Lex Fonteia, granting privileges in the name of Antonius.
25 SYR ?? Document: SEG_54.1625.A-B, a letter of Octavianus concerning Seleucus of Rhosus.

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