37 B.C. Olympiad 185.4

Consuls: M. Vipsanius L.f. Agrippa , L. Caninius L.f. Gallus
Athenian archon: Callicratides

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1 ROM << Octavianus attempts to repair the damage to his fleet.
1a << Asinius Pollio builds the first public library in Rome, in the Atrium Libertatis.
Ovid:Fast_4'623-624, :Tr_3.1'71-72; Plin:HN_7'115, 35'10; Suet:Aug_29'5; { OCD_p; dedicated on 13th April, probably soon after his triumph.}
2 PER << Phraates kills Orodes and succeeds him as king of Parthia.
* Read Justin's account
Plut:Ant_37'1; DioCass_49.23'2-3; Trog:Prol_42; Just_42.4'14-5'2; { CAH_10_28; OCD_o.}
3 PAL Herodes defeats the army of Antigonus at Jericho.
~Joseph:BJ_1'328-342, :AJ_14'451-464.
4 ROM The common people of Rome donate money to M.Oppius, to enable him to stay in office as aedile.
Appian:BCiv_4'41; DioCass_48.53'4; { MRR_2'259.}
5 PAL Herodes marries Mariamme.
Joseph:BJ_1'343-344, '432, :AJ_14'465-467; { OCD_h.}
6 {? May} Herodes and Sosius start to besiege Jerusalem.
* Read Josephus' account
Joseph:BJ_1'345-348, '351, :AJ_14'468-475, 15'261-263; { The length of the siege is reported as either 2 months or 5 months.}
7 ITA The poets Horatius, Vergilius and Varius accompany Maecenas on a journey to Brundisium.
Hor:Sat_1.5'1-104; Liv_fr'51-53;L  { OCD_v; Syme_p225.}
8 Antonius and Octavianus meet at Tarentum, and agree the terms for the renewal of the triumvirate.
* Read Appian's account
Tac:Ann_1'10; Plut:Ant_35'2-8; Appian:BCiv_5'93-95; +DioCass_48.54'1-6, 49.23'1; { OCD_10'25; OCD_a.}
9 PAL {? July} Herodes and Sosius capture Jerusalem.
* Read Josephus' account
[Liv]:Per_128; Seneca:Suas_2'21; Joseph:BJ_1'349-356, :AJ_14'476-488, 15'264-265; Tac:Hist_5'9; DioCass_49.22'3-6; Oros_6.18'24; { CAH_10'28; OCD_h.}
10 The start of Herodes' reign as king of Judaea.
Joseph:BJ_1'370, '401, :AJ_15'121, '354, 16'136; Hieron:Chron_1983, 1984; Sulpit_2'27.
11 ROM Messala leaves Antonius and joins Octavianus.
Appian:BCiv_4'38; { See Syme_p237.}
12 SIC Menas changes allegiance again, and joins Sextus Pompeius.
Appian:BCiv_5'96; +DioCass_48.54'7; { OCD_m.}
13 SYR Antigonus is executed, by order of Antonius.
* Read Josephus' account
Joseph:BJ_1'357, '665, :AJ_14'489-491, 15'8-10, 20'246; DioCass_49.22'6; !Hieron:Chron_1978.
14 PAL Herodes rewards his friends and punishes his enemies.
Joseph:BJ_1'358, :AJ_15'1-7, '254, '260.
15 Hyrcanus returns to Judaea.
Joseph:AJ_15'16-21, '181.
16 ITA Agrippa trains a new fleet in a specially constructed harbour on the Lucrine Lake.
* Read Dio's account
Verg:Georg_2'161-164; [Liv]:Per_128; Suet:Aug_16'1; Flor_2.18'5-6; +DioCass_48.49'2-51'5; +Cassiod:Chr_717; { CAH_10'27; OCD_a.}
17 EXT Canidius defeats the Iberians and Albanians.
* Read Plutarch's account
Strab_11'501;(3.5)  Plut:Ant_34'10; DioCass_49.24'1; { CAH_10'31=37/36.}
18 PAL Herodes appoints Ananel to be high priest of the Jews.
Joseph:AJ_15'22-24, 20'247; Euseb:HistEc_1.6'8-9; Hieron:Chron_1983; ChronPasc_468'B, 469'B.
19 ARM == Phraates kills Antiochus of Commagene.
DioCass_49.23'4; { OCD_a?36.}
20 ROM == Agrippa marries Caecilia Attica, the daughter of Atticus.
Nepos:Att_12'1-2; { OCD_agr.}
21 == C.Furnius and his son are in their prime as orators.
22 == Vergilius starts to write the Georgics.
[Suet]:Verg_20, 25; { OCD_v; according to the Life, the poem took 7 years to write, and was completed in about 30 B.C.}
23 == Document: Varro:Rust_, the book on agriculture written by Varro. { Varro says that he wrote the book in his 80th year.}

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