38 B.C. Olympiad 185.3

Consuls: Ap. Claudius C.f. Pulcher , C. Norbanus C.f. Flaccus
Athenian archon: Menander

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1 ROM {17 January} Octavianus marries Livia.
* Read Dio's account
#EhrJon:Fast_Jan17; Vell_2.79'2, 94'1; Plin:HN_15'136-137;L  Tac:Ann_1'10, 5'1; Suet:Aug_62'2, 69'1, :Tib_4'3, :Claud_1'1; +DioCass_48.44'1-5; [Vict]:Epit_1'23; { CAH_10'24.}
2 A fountain of oil flows from an inn near the river Tiber.
* Read St.Jerome's account
+DioCass_48.43'4; !Hieron:Chron_1976; !Oros_6.18'34, 20'6-7; { From Orosius onwards, this was regarded as an omen foretelling the birth of Christ.}
3 {April} The birth of Drusus, the son of Livia.
* Read Suetonius' account
Vell_2.95'1; Suet:Claud_1'1; +DioCass_48.44'4; { OCD_d; three months after the marriage of Livia.}
4 MAU Bocchus drives out Bogud, and establishes himself as king of Mauretania.
@  (?) [Liv]:Per_127; +DioCass_48.45'1-3.
5 SAR Menas deserts from Sextus Pompeius, and hands over Sardinia to Octavianus.
* Read Appian's account
Suet:Aug_74'1; +Appian:BCiv_5'77-78; +DioCass_48.45'4-9; Oros_6.18'21; { CAH_10'24; OCD_m.}
6 PAL Herodes suppresses brigands in Galilee.
~Joseph:BJ_1'309-316, :AJ_14'42-433.
7 SYR {9 June} Ventidius defeats and kills Pacorus, the son of the Parthian king, at Gindarus.
* Read Dio's account
Strab_16'751;(2.8)  Joseph:BJ_1'317; Frontin:Str_1.1'6, 2.2'5; Tac:Hist_5'9; Plut:Ant_34'2-3; Flor_2.19'5-7; #DioCass_49.19'1-21'2; Just_42.4'7-10; #Festus:Brev_18'2; #Eutrop_7.5'1; Movses_2'20; { OCD_v.}
8 ITA Antonius sails to Brundisium, but leaves soon afterwards as Octavianus fails to meet him.
+Appian:BCiv_5'78-79; +DioCass_48.46'-2-3; { CAH_10'25.}
9 ROM Octavianus prepares to renew the war against Sextus Pompeius.
* Read Appian's account
[Liv]:Per_128; +Appian:BCiv_5'80; Oros_6.18'20.
10 GAL << The Gauls in Aquitania start a rebellion, but are defeated by Agrippa.
+Appian:BCiv_5'92; DioCass_48.49'3; Eutrop_7.5'1; { CAH_10'25; OCD_agr.}
11 ITA Menecrates, the admiral of Sextus Pompeius, defeats Menas near Cumae.
+Appian:BCiv_5'81-84; +DioCass_48.46'1-6.
12 PER Orodes is overwhelmed by grief, after learning that his son Pacorus has died.
Plut:Crass_33'5; Just_42.4'11-13.
13 PAL Ventidius sends Machaeras with an army to assist Herodes.
Joseph:BJ_1'317-320, :AJ_14'434-438.
14 SIC The fleet of Octavianus is destroyed in a storm, after he is defeated by Sextus Pompeius near Messana.
* Read Appian's account
[Liv]:Per_128; (?) Plin:HN_7'148; Suet:Aug_16'1-2; +Appian:BCiv_5'84-91; +DioCass_48.47'1-48'4; Julian:Caes_325'C; Oros_6.18'21-22; { CAH_10'24.}
15 ARM Antonius besieges Antiochus of Commagene at Samosata, but eventually agrees to a truce.
* Read Plutarch's account
Joseph:BJ_1'321-322; :AJ_14'439-447; Plut:Ant_34'4-7; DioCass_49.22'1-2; Oros_6.18'23; Movses_2'21; { CAH_10'24; OCD_anti.}
16 PAL Antigonus defeats and kills Joseph, the brother of Herodes, near Jericho.
Joseph:BJ_1'323-327, :AJ_14'448-450.
17 ROM {27 November} The triumph of Ventidius: the first triumph won by a Roman general over the Parthians.
* Read Plutarch's account
#FastTr_p109; Vell_2.65'3; ValMax_6.9'9; Plin:HN_7'135; Plut:Ant_34'8-9; (?) Fronto:Ep_2'p136;L (2.9)  Gell_15.4'4; DioCass_49.21'1-3; Festus:Brev_18'3; Eutrop_7.5'1; { CAH_10'24; OCD_v.}
18 SIC Sextus Pompeius celebrates his victories with a magnificent sacrifice to Neptune at Pelorus.
* Read Dio's account
Flor_2.18'3; Appian:BCiv_5'100; +DioCass_48.48'5-49'1; [Vict]:VirIll_84'2.
19 ROM == 67 praetors are appointed during this year.
21 << Document: Verg:Ecl_, the Eclogues of Vergilius.
[Suet]:Verg_25, 26, 43; { OCD_v; see Tenney Frank, Vergil, p.137.}
22 ASI << Document: IAph_8.25 & 8.31-32, letters from Octavianus to the cities of Aphrodisias, Ephesus and Samos.
23 << Document: IAph_8.29 & 8.30, letters from Octavianus to Stephanus, and from Stephanus to Aphrodisias.

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