42 B.C. Olympiad 184.3

Consuls: M. Aemilius M.f. Lepidus (II) , L. Munatius L.f. Plancus
Athenian archon: Euthydomus

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1 ROM Sergius is pardoned by Plancus, although he had been named in the proscriptions.
2 ASI {? January} Brutus and Cassius meet at Smyrna, to plan their next actions.
* Read Plutarch's account
[Liv]:Per_122; Plut:Brut_2'6-7, 28'3-30'2; Appian:BCiv_4'65; +DioCass_47.32'1-4; Oros_6.18'13; { CAH_10'6.}
3 PER Brutus and Cassius send Labienus to gain the support of the Parthians.
* Read Dio's account
Vell_2.78'1; Flor_2.19'4; Just_42.4'7; DioCass_48.24'4-6; { OCD_l<43/2>.}
3a EGY {16 Mecheir -E = 15 February} Document: AET_5.4, the epitaph of Taimhotep, the wife of Psherenptah.
4 AEG Cassius punishes the inhabitants of Rhodes.
* Read Appian's account
Vell_2.69'6; ValMax_1.5'8; Joseph:BJ_1'280, :AJ_14'378; Plut:Brut_30'3, 32'4; Appian:BCiv_4'65-74; +DioCass_47.33'1-4; +Obseq_70; Hieron:Chron_1976; Oros_6.18'13-14.
5 LYC Brutus subdues the Lycians.
* Read Appian's account
Vell_2.69'6; Plut:Brut_2'8, 30'4-32'4; Appian:BCiv_4'76-82; +DioCass_47.34'1-6; +Obseq_70.
6 ASI {24 March} The Ephesians pass a decree, allowing the Jews to observe the Sabbath.
Joseph:AJ_14'262-264; { M.Brutus is possibly named in the decree.}
7 ROM The triumvirs collect more money, by introducing new taxes.
8 ASI Brutus (or Cassius) condemns Theodotus to death, for his part in the murder of Pompeius.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:Brut_33'1-6, :Pomp_80'9; Appian:BCiv_2'90.
9 Brutus judges a legal dispute between Persius and Rupilius Rex.
10 Brutus and Cassius meet again at Sardis, and renew their friendship after some arguments.
Plut:Brut_34'1-35'6; +DioCass_47.35'1; { CAH_10'7.}
11 The ghost of Julius Caesar appears to Brutus in his tent.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:Brut_36'1-37'7, 48'1, :Caes_69'6-13; Flor_2.17'8; Appian:BCiv_4'134.(↓) 
12 EGY Cleopatra sends a fleet to assist the triumvirs, but it is wrecked in a storm.
Appian:BCiv_4'82, 5'8.
13 MAC Saxa and Norbanus occupy Macedonia with the advance forces of the triumvirs.
* Read Appian's account
Appian:BCiv_4'87; +DioCass_47.35'2, 36'3.
14 THR Brutus and Cassius review their army by the Gulf of Melas.
15 ITA Sextus Pompeius defeats the fleet of Octavianus near the promontory of Scyllaeum.
* Read Appian's account
[Liv]:Per_123; Appian:BCiv_4'85; +DioCass_47.36'4, 48.18'1-5; { CAH_10'6.}
15a GRE << Document: THI_184.B, a decree of priestesses in Mantineia, in honour of a female benefactor.
16 ROM {12 July} The triumvirs promote the cult of Julius Caesar, including elaborate celebrations of his birthday.
CIL_1.797, CIL_1.799; +DioCass_47.18'1-19'4; { CAH_10'5.}
17 {31 July} The triumph of Vatinius, over the Illyrians.
17a << A slave-dealer deceives Antonius over a pair of supposed twins.
18 AFR T.Sextius seizes the province of Africa, after defeating and killing Q.Cornificius.
* Read Appian's account
[Liv]:Per_123; Appian:BCiv_3'53-56; DioCass_48.21'1-22'1; { OCD_s; MRR_2'238.}
19 PAL Herodes defeats Antigonus, the son of Aristobulus.
Joseph:BJ_1'236-241, :AJ_14'294-300; { CHJ_3'104.}
20 ITA Antonius and Octavianus sail with their army from Brundisium to Macedonia.
* Read Appian's account
[Liv]:Per_123; Flor_2.17'5; Appian:BCiv_4'86; Polyaen_8.24'7; +DioCass_47.20'1, 36'4-37'1, 48.18'5; Eutrop_7.3'1.
21 MAC Brutus and Cassius advance to Philippi.
* Read Appian's account
Frontin:Str_4.2'1; Plut:Brut_38'1-2; Appian:BCiv_4'102-106; +DioCass_47.35'4-36'2; { CAH_10'7.}
22 SIC Sextus Pompeius seizes control of the whole of Sicily.
* Read Dio's account
[Liv]:Per_123; Strab_5'243;(4.4)  Vell_2.73'3; Appian:BCiv_4'84-85; DioCass_48.17'4-6, 19'1-2.
23 MAC Antonius and Octavianus arrive at Philippi.
* Read Appian's account
Plut:Brut_38'3-7; Appian:BCiv_4'107-109; DioCass_47.37'2-38'4.
24 Dellius deserts Cassius and joins Antonius.
Vell_2.84'2; Seneca:Suas_1'7.
25 Portents before the battle of Philippi.
* Read Dio's account
ValMax_1.4'7; Plin:HN_2'99; Plut:Brut_39'1-6, 48'2-5; Flor_2.17'6-9; Suet:Aug_96'1; Appian:BCiv_4'134; +DioCass_47.40'1-41'4; Obseq_70; Hieron:Chron_1973.
26 Octavianus vows to institute a festival and a temple of Mars Ultor when the war is completed.
* Read Suetonius' account
Ovid:Fast_5'569-578; Suet:Aug_29'3; DioCass_48.32'4.
27 {3 October} The first battle of Philippi; the death of Cassius.
* Read Plutarch's account
[Liv]:Per_124; Vell_2.70'1-3; ValMax_1.7'1-2, 8'8, 6.4'5, 8'4, 9.9'2; Plin:HN_7'148; Plut:Brut_39'7-46'1, :Caes_69'3, :Ant_22'1-4; Suet:Aug_13'1, 91'1; Flor_2.17'10-13; Appian:BCiv_4'109-114;(↓)  Gell_3.9'5; +DioCass_47.38'4-39'5, 42'1-46'5; [Vict]:VirIll_83'6-7; Eutrop_7.3'2; Oros_6.18'14-16; { CAH_10'8.}
28 ITA {3 October} Murcus destroys a fleet carrying further reinforcements to Antonius and Octavianus.
Plut:Brut_47'3-9; Appian:BCiv_4'115-116.
29 MAC Antonius and Octavianus attempt to force Brutus to fight another battle.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:Brut_46'1-47'2; Appian:BCiv_4'117-124; +DioCass_47.47'1-48'1.
30 Brutus writes a letter commenting on the golden ornaments of the officers at Philippi.
31 ++ C.Velleius and L.Sestius are associates of Brutus.
Vell_2.76'1; DioCass_53.32'4.
32 ++ Marcus Cato junior is notoriously fond of women.
33 {23 October} The second battle of Philippi; the death of Brutus.
* Read Appian's account
#EhrJon:Fast_Oct23; Verg:Georg_1'489-497; [Liv]:Per_124; Vell_2.70'4-5, 71'1-2; ValMax_4.7'4, 5.1'11; Plut:CatMin_73'5, :Brut_24'7, 28'1, 49'1-53'4, :Caes_69'14, :Ant_22'5-8, 69'2, 89'2; Suet:Aug_13'1-2; Flor_2.7'11, '14-15; Appian:BCiv_4'125-131, '135-136, '137-138; +DioCass_47.48'2-49'4; [Vict]:VirIll_82'6; { CAH_10'8.}
34 ++ General comments on the character of Brutus and Cassius.
* Read Plutarch's account
Vell_2.72'1-2; Plin:HN_34'82; Plut:Dion_1'1-2'6, :Brut_1'3, 32'4, 54'1-58'1, :Pomp_16'8; Tac:Ann_4'34-35; Appian:BCiv_4'132-134.
35 Labeo, Livius Drusus, Quintilius Varus and others commit suicide after their defeat at Philippi.
* Read Livy's account
[Liv]:Per_124<+v>; Vell_2.71'2; Appian:BCiv_4'135;(↓)  DioCass_48.44'1.
36 M.Cicero, Domitius, M.Lollius, Paullus, Petronius and other followers of Brutus escape from Philippi.
* Read Dio's account
Appian:BCiv_4'37, '49, '51, '136, 5'4; DioCass_48.7'5.
37 ROM {16 November} The birth of the future emperor Tiberius.
* Read Suetonius' account
#EhrJon:Fast_Nov15; Plin:HN_10'154;L  Tac:Ann_1'4; #Suet:Tib_5'1, 14'2; { OCD_t.}
38 MAC Antonius assumes control of the eastern provinces, and Octavianus agrees to return to Italy.
* Read Dio's account
[Liv]:Per_125; Joseph:BJ_1'242, :AJ_14'301; Suet:Aug_13'3; Appian:BCiv_5'3, '22;(↓)  +DioCass_48.1'2-2'4, 22'2, 30'2; Eutrop_7.3'3; ChronPasc_468'A; { CAH_10'9.}
39 The poet Horatius receives a pardon, despite having served as an officer in the army of Brutus.
Hor:Od_2.7'1-16, 3.14'27-28, :Epist_2.2'49-51; [Suet]:Hor_a.
40 AEG Messalla and others, who have taken refuge on the island of Thasos, surrender to Antonius.
* Read Appian's account
Nepos:Att_11'2-4; Vell_2.71'1; Appian:BCiv_4'38, '46,(↓)  '136, 5'113.
41 MAC Antonius enlarges the city of Philippi and sets up altars in celebration of his victory.
* Read Strabo's account'41; Luke:Acts_16'12; Suet:Tib_14'3; DioCass_54.9'6.
42 Octavianus' return to Italy is delayed by a serious illness.
Plut:Ant_23'1; DioCass_48.3'1-6.
43 ROM Porcia, the widow of Brutus, commits suicide.
* Read Plutarch's account
Cic:AdBrut_17'1,(1.9)  25'7;(1.17)  ValMax_4.6'5; Mart_1.42'1-6; Plut:CatMin_73'6, :Brut_53'5-7; Appian:BCiv_4'136; Polyaen_8.32'1; +DioCass_47.49'3; { Some modern historians suggest, on the evidence of Cicero's letters, that Porcia actually died in 43 B.C.}
43a == The Lex Munatia Aemilia gives the triumvirs the right to grant citizenship and exemption from taxes.
44 == C.Antonius and P.Sulpicius are appointed to be censors, but they do not complete the lustrum.
+EhrJon:Fast_42BC; { OCD_a; MRR_2'236.}
45 ?? The parents of Vergilius, and two of his brothers, die after he reaches adulthood.
[Suet]:Verg_25; { This was apparently before the family estates were confiscated.}
46 == Vergilius starts to write his first major book of poetry, the Eclogues.
[Suet]:Verg_25; { Tenney Frank, Vergil, p.137.}

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