75 B.C. Olympiad 176.2

Consuls: L. Octavius Cn.f., C. Aurelius M.f. Cotta
Athenian archon: Aeschines

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1 ROM {Jan -R} The consuls enter office, and P.Lentulus is sent to organise Cyrene into a Roman province.
* Read Appian's account
+Sall:Hist_2'40-41; ~Appian:BCiv_1'111; Eutrop_6.11'3; { CAH_9'319<75/4>; OCD_c<75/4>.}
2 SPA << Pompeius spends the winter amongst hostile Spanish tribes.
Sall:Hist_2.82'5; { CAH_9'218.}
3 Sertorius collects fresh recruits for his army.
Sall:Hist_2'34;L  { McGushin_1'202.}
4 The weapons of Sertorius' army appear to be covered with blood: Sertorius interprets this as a favourable omen.
* Read Frontinus' account
Frontin:Str_1.12'4; +Obseq_60.
5 ?? Hirtuleius uses a stratagem to escape from a large enemy force.
6 ?? Consabra refuses to surrender to Hirtuleius.
7 Metellus defeats and kills Hirtuleius at Segovia.
* Read Frontinus' account
Sall:Hist_2'49-50;L  ~[Liv]:Per_91; Frontin:Str_2.3'5; Flor_2.10'6-7; [Vict]:VirIll_63'2; ~Oros_5.23'12; { CAH_9'218.}
8 Sertorius stabs the messenger bringing news of Hirtuleius' death.
9 SPA Pompeius defeats Perperna and Herennius by the river Turia, near Valentia.
* Read Plutarch's account
Cic:Balb_5; Sall:Hist_2'46-47,L  _2.82'6; ~Plut:Pomp_18'5; ~Oros_5.23'11-12; { CAH_9'218.}
10 Sertorius' forces besiege Carthago Nova.
~Cic:Balb_5; { McGushin_1'219.}
11 An indecisive battle at Sucro between Sertorius and Pompeius.
* Read Plutarch's account
Cic:Balb_5; Sall:Hist_2'51-54,L  _2.82'6; ~[Liv]:Per_92; ~Plut:Sert_19'1-11, ~:Pomp_19'1-9; Flor_2.10'7; ~Appian:BCiv_1'110; ~Oros_5.23'11; { CAH_9'218.}
12 CIL Servilius crosses the Taurus mountains and attacks the Isauri.
* Read Sallust's account
Sherk_67b;B  Sall:Hist_2'65-69, 3'1;L  ~[Liv]:Per_93; Strab_12'568,(6.2)  14'665;(3.3)  Frontin:Str_3.7'1; Flor_1.41'5; Festus:Brev_12'3; Eutrop_6.3'1; Oros_5.23'22; { McGushin_1'228.}
13 SPA Sertorius fawn is lost, and then found again.
* Read Plutarch's account
~Plut:Sert_20'1-5; ~Appian:BCiv_1'110; Gell_15.22'1-10.
14 << L.Lucullus governs Africa as propraetor.
15 ROM C.Sulpicius Olympus dies, leaving M.Octavius Ligus as his heir.
* Read Cicero's account
~Cic:Verr_2.1'125, 2'21; { When C.Sacerdos was praetor.}
16 SPA Sertorius defeats Pompeius, but is then defeated by Metellus at Segontia.
* Read Plutarch's account
Sall:Hist_2'55-57;L  ~[Liv]:Per_92; Frontin:Str_2.13'3; Plut:Sert_19'2, ~21'1-4; ~Appian:BCiv_1'110;(↓)  ~Oros_5.23'12; { CAH_9'218.}
17 ROM Cotta makes a speech at an assembly of the people, following a corn riot.
+Sall:Hist_2'42-44; { CAH_9'211.}
18 SPA Sertorius stands a siege and then withdraws from Cluvia.
* Read Plutarch's account
~[Liv]:Per_92; Frontin:Str_2.1'3; ~Plut:Sert_21'4-7, ~:Pomp_19'10-11; { CAH_9'218.}
19 ROM Elections for praetors, aediles and quaestors: Verres is elected to be praetor urbanus, but M.Piso fails to be elected aedile.
* Read Cicero's account
Cic:Verr_2.1'104, '125, 5'38, :Mur_18, :Planc_12, 51; { MRR_2'72.}
20 SIC Cicero sends corn from Sicily to Rome.
* Read Cicero's account
+Cic:Verr_2.3'18, '215-216, :Planc_64; ~Plut:Cic_6'1-2.
21 SPA Further skirmishes between Pompeius and Sertorius in Celtiberia.
22 << Metellus offers a reward for the assassination of Sertorius.
23 Metellus celebrates his victory over Sertorius and withdraws to Gaul.
* Read Plutarch's account
Sall:Hist_2'59;L  ~Plut:Sert_22'2-4; { CAH_9'218.}
23a EGY {17 Phaophi -E = October} Death of the sacred Apis bull at Memphis.
24 ROM P.Annius Asellus dies, leaving his only daughter as his heir.
~Cic:Verr_2.1'104-105; { When C.Sacerdos was praetor.}
25 SPA Pompeius spends the winter in the territory of the Vaccaei, and writes to the senate complaining of his lack of money and supplies.
* Read Plutarch's account
Sall:Hist_2'77-78,L  '80-82;L  ~Plut:Sert_21'7-9; { CAH_9'212.}
26 >> Negotiations between Sertorius and Mithridates, leading to agreement on a joint attack on the Roman government.
* Read Plutarch's account
Cic:LegMan_9, 46, :Mur_32; Sall:Hist_2'91;L  ~[Liv]:Per_93; ~Plut:Sert_23'1-24'4; Flor_2.10'4; ~Appian:Mith_68, 72, 76;(↓)  Oros_6.2'12; { CAH_9'213, '219<75/4>; OCD_s<76/5>.}
27 AEG Caesar is captured by pirates near the island of Pharmacusa.
* Read Plutarch's account
Vell_2.41'3; ~Plut:Caes_1'8-2'4, :Crass_7'5, :Mor_205'E-206'A; ~Suet:Caes_4'1-2; Polyaen_8.23'1; [Vict]:VirIll_78'3; { MRR_2'69; early in the winter.}
28 CIL ++ General comments on Servilius' campaigns against the Cilician pirates.
* Read Cicero's account
Cic:Verr_2.3'211, 5'66, :Flac_5-6; Vell_2.39'2; Festus:Brev_11'1, 12'3; AmmMarc_14.8'4.
29 SIC The son of Dion of Halaesa receives a large bequest from Apollodorus Laphiro.
30 == Cicero uncovers and restores Archimedes' tomb at Syracuse.
Cic:Tusc_5'64-66; { Green_465.}
31 == Cicero serves as quaestor in Sicily.
* Read Cicero's account
Cic:DivCaec_2, ~:Verr_2.3'47, :Sull_18, :RedSen_21, :Planc_64-65, ~:Brut_318; Plut:Cic_1'4, 52'3, '6; DioCass_38.17'5; [Vict]:VirIll_81'3; { OCD_c.}
32 ++ Sex.Peducaeus is a just and popular governor of Sicily.
Cic:Verr_2.4'142-143; { MRR_2'69.}
33 ITA << Oppianicus allegedly murders his aunt Cluentia, his brother Gaius, and his sister-in-law Auria.
34 NUM == Cotta formally confirms Hiempsal's right to some disputed territory.
35 ROM == Cotta passes a law to lift some of the restrictions on the political career of tribunes.
* Read Sallust's account
Sall:Hist_2'45,L  3.34'8; +Ascon_66-67,L  78;L (↓)  { CAH_9'211; OCD_c.}
36 == Cotta passes another law, concerning private lawsuits.
37 == The consuls introduce new regulations about the taxation of Asia.
38 == The consuls and two praetors let out contracts to repair temple rooves, but the work is not completed.
40 == Hortensius is acknowledged to be the leading orator in Rome.
41 == Antiochus and his brother arrive in Rome; he is recognised as king of Syria, and also lays claim to the throne of Egypt.
Cic:Verr_2.4'61, ~'67; { CAH_9'318; Green_723.}
42 Servilius celebrates a triumph for his conquest of Cilicia.
* Read Cicero's account
Cic:Verr_2.1'57; Festus:Brev_12'3; Eutrop_6.5'2; { CAH_9'212.}
43 ?? Metellus Celer earns his surname by his promptness in staging funeral games for his father.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:Rom_10'3, :Cor_11'4; { Metellus' father was probably Metellus Nepos, consul in 98 B.C.}
44 ?? L.Philippus claims that the Romans have a legal right to rule Egypt.
45 ?? Philippus persuades the senate to reimpose taxes on states which had been exempted by Sulla.
46 ?? Philippus tries to improve the lifestyle of Vulteius Mena.
47 ++ Philippus achieves political success at Rome without trying to buy popular support.
Cic:Off_2'59; { ~OCD_p.}
48 ++ The dissolute youth of Gellius, the stepson of Philippus.
49 ++ The eccentricity of Tuditanus, grandfather of Fulvia.
Cic:Acad_2'89, :Phil_3'16; { Fulvia was probably born soon after 80 B.C.}
50 ?? Ti.Longus fails in a legal challenge to the terms of Tuditanus' will.

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