94 B.C. Olympiad 171.3

Consuls: C. Coelius C.f. Caldus, L. Domitius Cn.f. Ahenobarbus
Athenian archon: Callias

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1 ITA {14 February -R} Document: CIL_1.682, a statute of the Pagus Herculaneus in Campania.
2 ROM {5 April -R} Document: CIL_1.2663, an "inspection ticket" of Philoxenus.
3 SPA Scipio Nasica subdues some Spanish rebels.
3a MES {? July} Document: BabylChron_20, a Babylonian chronicle which mentions digging work by the river Euphrates.
4 ROM L.Philippus is beaten by M.Herennius in the election for next year's consuls.
* Read Cicero's account
Cic:Mur_36, :Brut_166.
5 SYR << Antiochus Epiphanes is drowned in the river Orontes after being defeated by Antiochus Eusebes.
* Read Josephus' account
~Joseph:AJ_13'369; Trog:Prol_40; ~[Euseb]:Chron_261; { CAH_8'517.}
6 AS1 The proconsul Q.Scaevola corrects abuses in the Roman administration of Asia, with the help of P.Rutilius.
* Read Diodorus' account
Cic:Planc_33, :Att_6.1'15; ~Diod_37.5'1-6'1; ~[Liv]:Per_70; ValMax_8.15'6; Ascon_15;L  Justin:Dig_1.2.2'40<q" Pomponius>; SHA:Gord_5'5; { ~OCD_s; Green_560.}
7 CAP << Sulla meets Orobazus, a Parthian envoy, by the river Euphrates, and a magus foretells his future greatness.
* Read Plutarch's account
~[Liv]:Per_70; Vell_2.24'3; ~Plut:Sull_5'8-11; Ampel_31'2; Festus:Brev_15'2; { CAH_9'786<96-92>; OCD_s<96-93>.}
8 ROM A decree of the senate forbids loans to provincial envoys.
9 PON ?? Nicomedes III sends his concubine Hagne and her son Socrates to Cyzicus.
10 << The death of Nicomedes III of Bithynia; he is succeeded by his son Nicomedes IV.
GranLic_29-30; { CAH_9'142; OCD_n.}
11 PAL << Alexander Jannaeus is defeated by Obedas the king of the Arabs.
* Read Josephus' account
Joseph:BJ_1'90, ~:AJ_13'374-375; { This was followed by the rebellion in Judaea.}
12 << Alexander Jannaeus kills 50,000 of his Jewish subjects during a rebellion.
* Read Josephus' account
Joseph:BJ_1'91, :AJ_13'376; { ~CAH_9'307; this civil war lasted for six years, until 89/88 B.C.}
13 NAR == C.Carbo is treated kindly by L.Crassus, the governor of Gaul.
~ValMax_3.7'6; { MRR_2'10.}
14 ROM == The birth of the poet T.Lucretius.
+Hieron:Chron_1923; { OCD_l; Green_720=96?.}
15 == An eclipse of the moon.
16 AS1 == Document: OGIS_437, a letter of Q.Scaevola, followed by a treaty between Ephesus and Sardis.
17 GRE == Document: Syll_732, part of an alliance between Rome and Thyrrheium.

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