144 B.C. Olympiad 159.1

Consuls: Ser. Sulpicius Ser.f. Galba, L. Aurelius L.f. Cotta
Athenian archon: Theaetetus
Olympic victor in the stadion race: Alcimus of Cyzicus

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1 LUS << The wedding of Viriathus.
~Diod_33.7'1-8'1; { This (together with the reference to Cnossus) occurs in Diodorus' narrative between the accession and the coronation of Ptolemy VIII.}
2 ROM << Polybius goes as Achaean envoy to Rome.
Polyb_39.8'1-2; { Walbank_p741.}
3 PAL Tryphon honours Jonathan.
* Read 1Maccabees' account
~1Macc_1'57-59; Joseph:AJ_13'145-147; { CAH_8'366.}
4 Simon captures Bethsur.
* Read 1Maccabees' account
~1Macc_1'60-66; Joseph:AJ_13'147-157; { CAH_8'366.}
5 CRE Trouble in Crete, as Cnossus tries to rebuild its power.
5a << The Egyptian garrison is withdrawn from Itanus.
Syll_685.A'39-45; { soon after the death of Ptolemy VI.}
5b CYP << Document: SEG_37.1372, a letter of Ptolemy VIII to his forces in Cyprus.
6 LUS Fabius defeats Viriathus, who escapes to a town called Baecor.
~Appian:Hisp_65;(↓)  { CAH_8'133.}
7 PAL An indecisive battle near Hazor between Jonathan and the army of Demetrius.
* Read 1Maccabees' account
~1Macc_11'67-74; Joseph:AJ_13'158-163.
8 EGY The coronation of Ptolemy VIII and the birth of Memphites.
~Diod_33.13'1; { Hölbl_p195; Bennett <144-142>.}
9 SYR << Fighting breaks out between the inhabitants of Apameia and Larissa.
Athen_4.176'b<q" Poseidon_2>; { Tryphon is known to have been supported by Larissa (Diod_33.4a'1) and later by Apameia (Strab_16.752).}
10 << Tryphon captures Antioch.
* Read Josephus' account
~1Macc_11'54-56; ~Diod_33.9'1; ~[Liv]:Per_52; Joseph:AJ_13'144-145; Trog:Prol_35; { CAH_8'366; Green_534.}
11 ROM ?? Metellus constructs temples to Jupiter and Juno within the portico of Octavius.
* Read Velleius' account
~Vell_1.11'3; Plin:HN_36'42-43.
12 Q.Metellus is elected consul at the third attempt.
+[Liv]:EpOx_52'153-155;L  [Vict]:VirIll_61'3.
13 ROM Scipio persuades the senate that neither consul is fit to be sent as commander to Spain.
14 GRE {Poetropius -G = Dec./Jan.} Document: Austin_147a,B  the manumission record of Sosus.
15 ROM == The construction of the Aqua Marcia, by the praetor Q.Marcius.
* Read Frontinus' account
Plin:HN_31'41,L  36'121; +Frontin:Aqu_1'7; Plut:Cor_1'1; { CAH_8'505; OCD_m.}

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