169 B.C. Olympiad 152.4

Consuls: Q. Marcius L.f. Philippus (II), Cn. Servilius Cn.f. Caepio
Athenian archon: Eunicus

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1 EGY The coming of age (anacleteria) of Ptolemy VI.
* Read Polybius' account
Polyb_27.13'1-4, ~28.12'8; Suda_P'3041; { Walbank_p324.}
2 ROM Claudius and Gracchus are elected censors, and help the consuls to overcome opposition to conscription at Rome.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_43.14'1-15'8; +FastCap_p66; { CAH_8'194; OCD_g.}
3 ILL << Perseus invades Illyria.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_43.18'1-19'12; ~Oros_4.20'38; { CAH_8'315.}
4 Perseus attempts to persuade Genthius the Illyrian king to join him in the war against Rome.
* Read Polybius' account
~Polyb_28.8'1-11; ~Diod_30.9'1-2; +Liv_43.19'13-20'4; Plut:Aem_9'6-7; DioCass_fr.66'1; +Zonar_9'22.(p337) 
5 GRE Perseus fails to capture Stratus.
* Read Polybius' account
~Polyb_28.9'1-8; +Liv_43.21'1-23'8.
6 MAC Philippus crosses to Greece and takes command of the army in Thessaly.
7 PEL The assembly of the Achaean League votes to send an army to fight against Perseus in Thessaly.
~Polyb_28.12'1-9; { CAH_8'314; Green_276.}
8 EGY The armies of Antiochus and Ptolemy advance to meet each other.
* Read 1Maccabees' account
Daniel_8'9; 1Macc_1'16-17; ~Diod_30.15'1-16'11; Joseph:AJ_12'242; Just_34.2'7; { CAH_8'344; Walbank_p324.}
9 ROM ++ The character of Sex. Aelius Paetus.
* Read Cicero's account
Cic:Rep_1'30, :Brut_78; Justin:Dig_1.2.2'38<q" Pomponius>; { Paetus, the consul of 198 B.C., was warmly praised by Ennius.}
10 ?? Scipio Nasica jokingly rebukes Ennius after being refused entry to his house, near the sanctuary of Tutilina at Rome.
Cic:DeOr_2'276; Varro:Ling_5'163.
11 {July -R = April} The death of the poet Ennius.
* Read Cicero's account
#Cic:Brut_78, +:Sen_14; Suet:Gram_2; !Hieron:Chron_1838; Schol:Bob_178;L  { CAH_8'444; OCD_e.}
11a AEG ?? Document: THI_61.D, a list of victors in the Asclepieia games at Cos.
12 PAL << Lysimachus the brother of Menelaus is killed in a riot at Jerusalem.
2Macc_4'39-50; { After the murder of Onias, and before Antiochus' second invasion of Egypt.}
13 EXT ?? Demetrius of Bactria conquers part of India.
Strab_11'516;(11.1)  { See CAH_8'399; there were probably two Bactrian kings called Demetrius, who have been confused by our sources.}
14 EXT << Demetrius, king of Bactria, is defeated and killed by Eucratides.
Just_41.6'4; { CAH_8'401-402; OCD_d<165?>.}
15 MAC Philippus penetrates into Macedonia.
* Read Livy's account
~Polyb_28.13'1; ~Diod_30.10'1; +Liv_44.2'1-5'13; Flor_1.28'5; Appian:Mac_14;(28)  Ampel_16'4; +Zonar_9'22;(p337)  { CAH_8'314; OCD_p.}
15a EGY {17 Pharmuthi -E = May} Document: IsisHymn_5, invocations to the goddess Isis written down by Hor.
16 Antiochus defeats the Egyptians near Pelusium.
* Read Diodorus' account
Daniel_11'24-26; 1Macc_1'18-19; ~Diod_30.14'1; Porph:Fr_49; Malal_206; { CAH_8'344; Green_430.}
17 Ptolemy VI attempts to escape to Samothrace.
* Read Polybius' account
~Polyb_28.21'1-5; Diod_30.17'1.
18 Antiochus captures Pelusium.
* Read Diodorus' account
~Polyb_28.18'1; ~Diod_30.14'1, 18'1-2; Joseph:AJ_12'243; { Green_430.}
19 ROM {23 Sept. -R = June} The tribune P.Rutilius brings the censors to trial.
* Read Livy's account
Cic:Rep_6'2; #Liv_43.16'1-15; ValMax_6.5'3; [Vict]:VirIll_57'3.L 
20 MAC Philippus advances to Dium.
* Read Livy's account
~Polyb_28.10'1; ~Diod_30.10'2-11'2; +Liv_44.6'1-7'12; Flor_1.28'6; Appian:Mac_15;(29)  { CAH_8'315.}
21 The Romans capture Heracleium.
* Read Polybius' account
~Polyb_28.11'1, 13'1-14, 16'1-17'15; +Liv_44.8'1-9'11; Appian:Mac_17;(31)  +Zonar_9'22.(p337) 
22 EGY Antiochus addresses envoys from Athens, Miletus, Clazomenae, and the Achaeans, in order to justify his invasion of Egypt.
23 Ptolemy VI joins Antiochus, who promises to support him against his brother, and sets up a rival seat of government at Memphis.
* Read Zonaras' account
Burstein_106'16-17;B  Daniel_11'27; ~Liv_44.19'8; Athen_3.124'e; Porph:Fr_49; [Euseb]:Chron_161;(↓)  Suda_H'462; Zonar_9'25;(p359)  { CAH_8'344; Green_430.}
24 Antiochus besieges Alexandria.
~Liv_44.19'9; { Walbank_p358.}
25 CRE The army of Cydonia massacres the inhabitants of Apollonia.
* Read Polybius' account
~Polyb_28.14'1-15'3; ~Diod_30.13'1; { Walbank_p348.}
26 ROM An embassy from Rhodes tries to maintain friendly relations with Rome.
* Read Livy's account
~Polyb_28.2'1-8; +Liv_44.14'1-16'7; DioCass_fr.66'2; +Zonar_9'22;(p339)  { CAH_8'314.}
27 MAC The Romans attack Cassandreia.
* Read Livy's account
~Diod_30.12'1; +Liv_44.10'1-12'8; Appian:Mac_16.(30) 
28 The Romans withdraw from Demetrias, after alleged contacts between the Macedonians and Cydas, an officer of Eumenes.
* Read Livy's account
~Polyb_29.6'1, 7'8; +Liv_44.13'1-14.
29 EGY Antiochus withdraws from Alexandria.
* Read Polybius' account
~Polyb_28.22'1-23'5; Liv_45.11'1; Joseph:AJ_12'243-244; { Green_430.}
29a MES {Abu -B = August/Sept.} The citizens of Babylon celebrate the news of Antiochus' victories in Egypt.
AstrDiar_168A.obv'A14-15; { the word meluḫḫa here apparently refers to Egypt.}
30 PAL Antiochus robs the temple at Jerusalem.
* Read Daniel's account
Daniel_8'23-25, 9'26, 11'28; +1Macc_1'20-28; Diod_34.1'3; Joseph:BJ_1'32, 7'44, +:AJ_12'246-247, '357, '359, :Ap_2'80-102; Porph:Fr_50, 51; [Euseb]:Chron_127;(↓)  Sulpit_2'18; { Green_512.}
31 ROM {13 December -R = September} The censors review the equites again, and punish P.Rutilius.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_44.16'8-11; Plut:TGrac_14'4.
32 Paullus is assigned Macedonia as his province immediately after his election as consul.
* Read Livy's account
Cic:Div_1'103; +Liv_44.17'1-18'5; CIL_11.1829; Vell_1.9'3; ValMax_1.5'3; Plut:Aem_6'8-7'1, 10'1-8, :Mor_197'F-198'A; Just_33.1'6; { CAH_8'315.}
33 ILL Genthius joins the war as an ally of Perseus against Rome.
* Read Polybius' account
~Polyb_29.3'1-4'7, 9'13; ~Liv_44.23'1-10, 27'8-12; ValMax_3.3'2; Plut:Aem_13'1-2; Flor_1.29'1; Appian:Ill_9; DioCass_fr.66'1; { CAH_8'315.}
34 ASI Alleged negotiations between Perseus and Eumenes.
* Read Polybius' account
~Polyb_29.4'8-9'13; ~Liv_44.24'1-25'12, 27'13; Appian:Mac_18'1;(32)  DioCass_fr.66'1; { CAH_8'533.}
34a EGY {3 epag. -E = 1 October} The Buchis bull is moved to Hermonthis, because Thebes is occupied by foreign troops.
35 Reconciliation between Ptolemy VI and his brother Ptolemy VIII.
* Read Livy's account
Polyb_29.23'4; Liv_45.11'2-8; Just_34.2'8; ~[Euseb]:Chron_161;(↓)  { CAH_8'344; Hölbl_p146; Bennett.}
35a PEL == Document: Syll_649, a statue of Philippus at Olympia.
36 ROM == The Lex Voconia restricts women's rights of inheritance.
* Read Cicero's account
Cic:Verr_2.1'107-110, :Balb_21, :Rep_3'17, :Fin_2'55, +:Sen_14; ~[Liv]:Per_41; Gaius:Inst_2'226,L  '274;L  Gell_20.1'23; DioCass_56.10'2; August:DeCiv_3'21;(↓)  { OCD_lex.}
37 == The censor Claudius passes a law to prevent the serving of delicacies such as dormice at banquets.
38 == The censor Gracchus enrols freedmen into one of the urban tribes.
Cic:DeOr_1'38; { CAH_8'169; OCD_g..}

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