207 B.C. Olympiad 143.2

Consuls: C. Claudius Ti.f. Nero, M. Livius M.f. Salinator (II)
Athenian archon: Callistratus

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1 SPA ++ General comments on Hasdrubal's struggle against the Romans in Spain.
Polyb_11.2'2-3; Diod_26.24'1.
2 << Hasdrubal leaves Spain on his way to Italy.
* Read Zonaras' account
+Appian:Hann_52; ~Eutrop_3.18'1; Zonar_9'8;(p203)  { CAH_8'527; Green_704.}
3 ROM Livius Andronicus composes a hymn to be sung in honour of Juno.
Ennius:Ann_291-293; +Liv_27.37'1-15; { CAH_8'429; OCD_l.}
4 CIS Hasdrubal arrives in Italy, but fails to capture Placentia.
* Read Livy's account
~Polyb_11.1'1; Diod_26.24'1; +Liv_27.38'1-14; Plin:HN_7'104-105; Silius_15'493-521; Flor_1.22'49-50; Appian:Hann_52; [Vict]:VirIll_48'1; +Oros_4.18'9; +Zonar_9'9.(p209) 
5 GRE Philippus destroys the sanctuary at Thermus in Aetolia, and then attends the council of the Achaean League.
* Read Polybius' account
~Polyb_11.4'1-6'10, 7'2-3; +Liv_28.7'14-8'14, 36.31'11; DioCass_fr.57'58-59; ~Zonar_9'11;(p229)  { CAH_8'103; Green_300.}
6 ITA A battle between Hannibal and Nero at Grumentum.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_27.40'1-42'17; ValMax_9.3'1; +Zonar_9'9;(p209)  { Green_55.}
7 CIS Nero hurries north to join forces with Livius.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_27.43'1-46'12; ValMax_7.4'4; Frontin:Str_1.1'9, 2'9; Silius_15'522-600; Flor_1.22'51-52; +Appian:Hann_52; [Vict]:VirIll_48'2; +Zonar_9'9.(p209) 
8 ?? Hasdrubal discovers a method of killing elephants rapidly.
* Read Livy's account
Liv_27.49'1-2; AmmMarc_25.1'15; Oros_4.18'12.
9 ++ General comments on the character of Hasdrubal, and his bravery when faced with defeat.
* Read Polybius' account
Polyb_11.2'4-11; Diod_26.24'2; Suda_A'2297.
10 {? 22 June -R} The consuls defeat and kill Hasdrubal at Sena on the river Metaurus.
* Read Livy's account
~Polyb_11.1'2-2'1, 3'1-3; Nepos:Cat_1'2; Hor:Od_4.4'37-48; +Liv_27.47'1-50'3, 36.36'6; ValMax_3.7'4, 7.4'4; Frontin:Str_1.1'9, 2.3'8, 4.7'15; Silius_15'601-810, 17'261-263; Flor_1.22'50; +Appian:Hann_52-53; Ampel_18'12, 36'3, 46'6; Eutrop_3.18'2; +Oros_4.18'9-14; +Zonar_9'9;(p211)  { CAH_8'55; OCD_h.}
11 ITA News of the battle of Metaurus reaches Hannibal.
* Read Livy's account
~Polyb_11.3'4-6; Hor:Od_4.4'49-72; +Liv_27.50'4-51'13; Strab_6'256;(1.5)  Frontin:Str_2.9'2; Silius_15'811-823; Flor_1.22'53; [Vict]:VirIll_48'3-4; +Oros_4.18'15; +Zonar_9'9.(p213) 
14 PEL ?? Document: Syll_551, a dedication by Machanidas at Sparta.
15 The Achaeans defeat and kill Machanidas of Sparta at Mantineia.
* Read Polybius' account
~Polyb_11.11'1-18'10, 13.6'1; ~Plut:Phil_10'1-13, 12'4; Paus_8.50'2; { Green_300-301.}
16 {? July} Philopoemen stages a military display at the Nemean Games.
* Read Plutarch's account
~Plut:Phil_11'1-4; Paus_8.50'3.
17 SPA Silanus defeats Hanno and Mago in Celtiberia.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_28.1'1-2'13; Silius_16'23-77; Zonar_9'8;(p203)  { CAH_8'60.}
18 L.Scipio captures Orongis.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_28.2'14-4'7; Frontin:Str_1.3'5; Zonar_9'8;(p205)  { CAH_8'60.}
19 ROM The triumph of Livius and Nero for their victory over Hasdrubal.
* Read Livy's account
Ennius:Ann_296; +Liv_28.9'1-20; ValMax_4.1'9; [Vict]:VirIll_48'5, 50'2; { OCD_l.}
20 NUM ?? The Numidian king Gala seizes Carthaginian territory.
* Read Livy's account
Liv_29.31'5, 40.17'1-4.
21 << The death of Gala, who is officially succeeded by his son Masinissa.
* Read Livy's account
Polyb_36.16'2; Diod_32.16'1; Liv_29.29'6-13; ValMax_8.13e'1; Plin:HN_7'156; ~Zonar_9'11;(p223)  { This happened while Masinissa was in Spain.}
22 ROM Livius is appointed dictator to hold the consular elections.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_28.10'1-5; +FastCap_p62.
23 GRE Document: Syll_553, a decree of Delphi in honour of Polyarchides of Chios.

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