210 B.C. Olympiad 142.3

Consuls: M. Valerius P.f. Laevinus (II), M. Claudius M.f. Marcellus (IV)
Athenian archon: Aeschron
Achaean General: Cycliadas

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1 GRE Laevinus captures Anticyra.
+Liv_26.26'1-4; { CAH_8'102.}
1a The Aetolians capture Aegina and sell it to Attalus for thirty talents.
OGIS_281; Polyb_22.8'10; { Errington_p179.}
1b {int. Anthesterion -G = Feb./Mar.} Document: IG_2³.1137.2 (Syll_536), an Athenian decree confirming honours previously awarded to Eumaridas of Cydonia.
2 ROM {March -R} Marcellus starts the year as sole consul, because his colleague Laevinus is delayed by sickness.
3 {? 18 March -R} A fire at Rome, allegedly started by disaffected Capuans.
* Read Livy's account
#Liv_26.26'10-27'9, '13; Ovid:Fast_6'625-626.
4 The Sicilians and Capuans complain to the senate about their treatment by the Roman generals.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_26.27'10-34'13, 38.43'8; ValMax_4.1'7; Plut:Marc_23'1-11; DioCass_fr.57'46a; Suda_Ph'516; ~Zonar_9'6,(p183)  '7;(p193)  { CAH_8'62.}
5 ROM Document: CIL_1.608 & 1.609, two dedications of booty brought back by Marcellus from Sicily.
6 The senators contribute towards the cost of manning the fleet.
* Read Livy's account
~Polyb_9.21'1; +Liv_26.35'1-37'9, 29.16'1, 31.13'2, 34.6'14; Flor_1.22'25; +Oros_4.17'14; { CAH_8'74.}
7 SPA Hasdrubal secretly escapes with his army after being trapped by C.Nero.
* Read Livy's account
Polyb_9.11'1-4; +Liv_26.17'1-18'1, 27.44'9; Frontin:Str_1.11'19; Appian:Hisp_17; +Zonar_9'7.(p189) 
8 ITA << Civil dissension at Tisia in Bruttium.
9 Marcellus captures Salapia, after Blattius persuades Dasius to betray the town.
* Read Appian's account
+Liv_26.38'1-14, 27.1'1; ValMax_3.8e'1; ~Appian:Hann_45-47; +Zonar_9'7;(p195)  { CAH_8'54.}
10 A Roman fleet, commanded by D.Quinctius, is defeated by the Tarentines near Sapriportis.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_26.39'1-23; Frontin:Str_3.17'3; { CAH_8'54.}
11 ROM P.Scipio is elected to be commander of the Roman army in Spain, although he is only 24 years old.
* Read Livy's account
~Liv_26.18'2-19'9, 28.28'14, 43'11-14, 29.20'2; ValMax_3.7'1; Sen:Dial_10.17'6; Silius_15'1-151, 16'645-656; Appian:Hisp_17-18; DioCass_fr.57'38-40; [Vict]:VirIll_49'7; ~Eutrop_3.15'1; +Oros_4.17'13; +Zonar_9'7;(p189)  { CAH_8'59, '63; OCD_s.}
12 SIC Laevinus captures Agrigentum.
* Read Livy's account
~Polyb_9.27'1-11; +Liv_26.40'1-18; Ascon_13;L (↓)  ~Eutrop_3.14'4; Oros_4.18'2; +Zonar_9'7;(p195)  { CAH_8'62; OCD_l.}
13 MAC << Philippus makes a dedication to the temple of Athena at Lindus, after defeating the Dardani and Maedi.
Burstein_46.C'42;B  { This was probably after the campaign described in Liv_26.25'3-8.}
14 PEL The Spartans become allies of the Aetolians, after listening to speeches by Claenias of Aetolia and Lyciscus of Acarnania.
* Read Polybius' account
~Polyb_9.28'1-42'8, 11.5'8, 22.8'9-10; Liv_34.31'5, 32'1; { See Lazenby, p.162.}
15 MES (?) Antiochus crosses the Euphrates.
16 EGY {10 Epeiph -E = August} Document: SelPap_2.334, the notification of a robbery from the vineyard of Pitholaus.
17 ITA Hannibal defeats and kills the proconsul Cn.Fulvius near Herdonea.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_27.1'1-2'1, 7'12, 8'13; Frontin:Str_2.5'21; Plut:Marc_24'1-4; ~Appian:Hann_48; Polyaen_6.38'7; ~Eutrop_3.14'5; ~Oros_4.18'3; { CAH_8'54, '77.}
18 An indecisive battle between Hannibal and Marcellus near Numistro.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_27.2'1-12; Frontin:Str_2.2'6; Plut:Marc_24'4-9; { CAH_8'54.}
19 Q.Fulvius continues to suppress resistance at Capua.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_27.3'1-9; ~Appian:Hann_49; ~Zonar_9'6.(p185) 
20 SPA Scipio arrives in Spain, at Emporiae.
* Read Livy's account
~Liv_26.19'10-20'6, 28.16'14, 39'7-9, 42'3-5; Silius_15'152-179; Flor_1.33'7; Appian:Hisp_19, :Pun_6; DioCass_fr.57'40; ~Oros_4.18'1; ~Zonar_9'8;(p197)  { CAH_8'59.}
21 EGY {30 Mesore -E = 9 October} Birth of Ptolemy Epiphanes.
* Read Polybius' account
#BD_137; Polyb_22.17'7; Porph:Fr_45; { OCD_p; Bennett.}
22 The Romans send an embassy to Syphax in Numidia, and to Ptolemy in Egypt.
* Read Polybius' account
Polyb_9.11a'1-4; +Liv_27.4'5-10; { CAH_8'62.}
23 ROM Marcellus appoints Q.Fulvius dictator, to hold the consular elections.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_27.4'1-6'14; +FastCap_p62; Ascon_13;L (↓)  Plut:Marc_24'10-25'2; { OCD_f.}
24 L.Veturius Philo and P.Licinius Crassus are elected censors, but Veturius dies soon after taking office.
* Read Livy's account
+Liv_27.6'15-19, 34'5-6; +FastCap_p62; { CAH_8'72..}
25 Carthalo comes to Rome to discuss an exchange of prisoners, but he is refused permission to enter the city.
* Read Zonaras' account
DioCass_fr.57'36; ~Zonar_9'6;(p187)  { This is a doublet of an event of 216 B.C.; Dio Cassius is undoubtedly mistaken in placing it in this year.}

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