234 B.C. Olympiad 136.3

Consuls: L. Postumius A.f. Albinus, Sp. Carvilius Sp.f. Maximus
Athenian archon: Lysanias
Achaean General: Lydiades

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1 ROM {10 March -R} The triumph of T.Manlius, over the Sardinians.
2 PEL ?? Lydiades gives possession of Alipheira to the Eleans.
3 << Lydiades brings Megalopolis into the Achaean League.
* Read Plutarch's account
Plut:Cleom_6'7, ~:Arat_30'1-4, :Mor_552'A;(6)  { CAH_7.1'449; Errington_p94.}
4 ?? Document: Austin_156B  (Syll_471), recording Megarian arbitration in a dispute between Epidaurus and Corinth. { Errington_p105?240.}
4a ASI ?? Document: THI_33 & SEG_65.996, letters from Olympichus to the city of Mylasa.
4b GRE << The general Aristophanes protects Eleusis from the dangers of war.
Syll_485.B'64-69; { When Ecphantus was Athenian archon.}
5c << Document: THI_39.A, a decree of Rhamnūs in Attica, in honour of Dicaearchus, a general of Demetrius II.
5 EPI ?? Tigris, the mistress of Pyrrhus II, is murdered by his mother Olympias.
Athen_13.589'f-590'a; { Pyrrhus succeeded his father Alexander as king of Epirus, in about 240 B.C. He was followed by his brother Ptolemy, who was the last king before the fall of the Epirote monarchy in about 232 B.C.}
6 PEL Lydiades is elected general of the Achaean League for the first time.
~Plut:Arat_30'4-7; { CAH_7.1'449; OCD_l.}
7 << The death of Leonidas II, and accession of Cleomenes III as king of Sparta.
* Read Plutarch's account
~Plut:Cleom_3'1-5, 38'1; { CAH_7.1'449; Errington_p95.}
8 GRE Demetrius invades Boeotia, and detaches it from Aetolia.
Polyb_20.5'3; { CAH_7.1'450.}
9 PEL Document: BD_30 (Syll_490), a decree about the admission of Orchomenus into the Achaean League. { CAH_7.1'451; Errington_p105.}
10 IT+ The Romans conduct military campaigns in Liguria, Corsica, and Sardinia.
11 ETR >> The birth of M.Cato.
* Read Plutarch's account
~Cic:Brut_80, +:Sen_10; Nepos:Cat_1'2, 2'4; Liv_39.40'12; ValMax_8.7'1; Plin:HN_7'61, ~29'15;L  Plut:CatMai_15'4-5, :Mor_784'D; [Vict]:VirIll_47'9; { OCD_c; Green_699.}

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