249 B.C. Olympiad 132.4

Consuls: P. Claudius Ap.f. Pulcher, L. Junius C.f. Pullus
Athenian archon: Hieron

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1 AFR Regulus is tortured to death after his return to Carthage.
* Read Gellius' account
Cic:Pis_43, :Fin_2'65; ~[Liv]:Per_18; ValMax_9.2e'1; Sen:Dial_1.3'9; Silius_6'82-86, '529-550; Appian:Sic_2'3,(2)  :Pun_4; Gell_7.4'2-4; [Vict]:VirIll_40'4; ~Eutrop_2.25'3; August:DeCiv_1'15, 5'18;(↓↓)  ~Oros_4.10'1; Suda_R'126; ~Zonar_8'15.(p449) 
1a GRE {29 Elaphebolion -G = April} Document: Syll_408, an Athenian decree concerning the Soteria games.
2 SIC Claudius builds new sea-barriers at Lilybaeum, but they are destroyed by the sea.
* Read Diodorus' account
~Diod_24.1'5, 3'1.
3 The Romans send out another 10,000 men to provide crews for their fleet.
* Read Polybius' account
Polyb_1.49'1-3; +Zonar_8'15;(p5)  { CAH_7.2'560.}
4 EGY {1 Pharmuthi -E = May} Document: BD_75, a letter from Pataecion to Zenon.
4a LYC {Dystros -M = ? May} Document: SEG_27.929, a decree of Limyra in honour of two Ptolemaic officials. { Hölbl_p23=288; in the 36th year of Ptolemy (II ?).}
5 GRE ++ Comments on the character of the best-known followers of Epicurus: Colotes, Hermarchus, Idomeneus, Leonteus, Polyaenus, and Themista.
6 PON << The Gauls ravage the territory of Mithridates of Pontus, and of his ally Heracleia.
~Memn_16'1-3; { Shortly after the accession of Mithridates.}
7 PEL << Alexander the son of Craterus rebels against Antigonus.
~Trog:Prol_26; { OCD_alex; Errington_p92; Green_148<253/2>.}
8 << An alliance between Alexander and the Achaean League.
Plut:Arat_18'2; { CAH_7.1'247; OCD_alex.}
8a GRE << Document: Syll_454, a decree of Salamis in honour of Heracleitus. { Written after the start of the war against Alexander.}
8b ?? Document: Syll_436, a decree of the Amphictyons in honour of Hereas of Lamia.
8c ?? Document: Syll_452, a decree of Delphi in honour of Nicander of Colophon, an epic poet.
8d AEG Document: THI_223.B, recording the lease of temple lands on Delos for the next ten years.
8e EGY {6 Pauni -E = July} Document: SelPap_2.347, an undertaking to pay physician-tax.
9 SIC The Romans send Junius out to Sicily with more ships and supplies.
10 The Carthaginian admiral Adherbal defeats the Roman fleet under P.Claudius at Drepana, after Claudius had thrown the sacred chickens into the sea.
* Read Polybius' account
+Polyb_1.49'3-52'2; Cic:ND_2'7; Diod_24.1'5, '11; Liv_fr'12;L  [Liv]:Per_19; ValMax_1.4'3; Frontin:Str_2.13'9; Suet:Tib_2'2-3; Flor_1.18'29; MinFel:Oct_26'2; +Eutrop_2.26'1; +Oros_4.10'3; Schol:Bob_90; +Zonar_8'15;(p5)  { CAH_7.2'562; OCD_claudius.}
11 The Carthaginian admiral Carthalo attacks the Roman fleet at Lilybaeum.
* Read Polybius' account
+Polyb_1.53'1-7; ~Diod_24.1'6-7.
12 The Roman quaestors decline battle with Carthalo, and save the ships under their command.
* Read Polybius' account
+Polyb_1.53'7-12; ~Diod_24.1'7.
13 L.Junius anchors his fleet on a rocky shore to avoid meeting the Carthaginian fleet.
* Read Polybius' account
+Polyb_1.54'1-3; ~Diod_24.1'8-9, 4'1.
14 The fleet of L.Junius is destroyed in a storm.
* Read Polybius' account
+Polyb_1.54'4-55'4, 59'1; Cic:ND_2'7, :Div_1'29; Diod_24.1'9; ValMax_1.4'3; MinFel:Oct_7'4; +Eutrop_2.26'2; +Oros_4.10'3; { CAH_7.2'562; Green_697.}
15 P.Claudius nominates his messenger Glycias to be dictator.
* Read Fasti's account
+FastCap_p56; ~[Liv]:Per_19; Suet:Tib_2'2.
16 ROM Glycias is forced to resign as dictator.
* Read Fasti's account
+FastCap_p56; ~[Liv]:Per_19.
17 SIC L.Junius captures Eryx.
* Read Polybius' account
+Polyb_1.55'5-10; Diod_24.1'10; Flor_1.18'12; +Zonar_8'15;(p7)  { CAH_7.2'562.}
18 Carthalo recaptures Aegithallus.
* Read Diodorus' account
~Diod_24.1'11; +Zonar_8'15.(p7) 
19 The Romans appoint a dictator, A.Atilius, to take charge of the war in Sicily.
* Read Zonaras' account
+FastCap_p56; ~[Liv]:Per_19; Flor_1.18'12; DioCass_36.34'2; +Zonar_8'15;(p7)  { OCD_a.}
19a GRE ?? Document: Syll_422, a decree of the Amphictyons in honour of Mentor of Naupactus.
20 ROM The Ludi Saeculares are celebrated.
* Read St.Augustine's account
+FastCap_p88; ~[Liv]:Per_49; Phlegon:Fr_40'4;(p37)  Censor:DN_17'8, '10; August:DeCiv_3'18; { CAH_7.2'670; OCD_s; Censorinus mentions an alternative tradition, that these games were held in 236 B.C.}
21 >> The Romans and Carthaginians exchange prisoners.
* Read Livy's account
~[Liv]:Per_19; ~Zonar_8'16.(p11) 
22 >> The price of olive oil at Rome is set at 10 asses for 12 pounds.

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