BM 116690

Museum no. :   BM 116690
Provenance :   Uruk
Seleucid date:   SE.090.01.xx
Julian date:   April/May 222 B.C.
Language:   Akkadian
Description:   Sale of ašipūtu prebend
Translated by:   P. Corò,   "Seleucid Tablets from Uruk in the British Museum", p. 213, no. 66

Šamaš-ēṭir, son of Anu-balāssu-iqbi, son of Anu-mukīn-apli, descendant of (?) Rabi-Anu, voluntarily sold to Anu-abu-uṣur son of Anu-ušallim and Lâbâši . . . one twelth and one fourth in 1/60 in one seventh, his āšipūtu prebend before Anu, Antu, Ištar, Bēlet-ṣēri, Nanāya, Bēlet-ša-Rēš and all the gods of their temple, which is monthly, throughout the year, the guqqű and the eššēšu days and whatever pertains to that prebend, which is with all his brothers and his co-owner, for 8½ shekels of good quality silver of Seleucus, as the full price. The silver: 8 shekels, full price of that prebend, Šamaš-ēṭir son of Anu-balāssu-iqbi received from the hands of Anu-abu-uṣur son of Anu-ušallim and Lâbâši . . . ; he is paid. Should a claim arise with regard to that āšipūtu prebend, one twelfth and one fourth in 1/60 in one seventh, Anu-ittannu son of Dumqi-Anu . . . will clear it [and will pay] 12-fold …


Scribe: Dumqi-Anu, son of Anu-uballiṭ, descendant of Sîn-lēqe-unnīnī
Uruk. .. day of Nisānu, year 90, Seleucus being king.

Additional witness names on the edges: