Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 165


Greek text:   Moretti,IAG 41 
Provenance:   Sidon , Phoenicia
Date:   c. 200 B.C.
Tags:     victors+contestants
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This inscription shows how one prominent Phoenician adopted at least a veneer of Greek culture. His Nemean victory was celebrated in elegiac couplets; and his Semitic title shofeṭ was turned into the Greek word dikastēs.

This translation is adapted from C. Bonnet, in "The Individual in the Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean", pp. 50-52 ( Google Books ); see also E. Stavrianopoulou, "Hellenistic World(s) and the Elusive Concept of 'Greekness'", pp.177-8 ( ).   Because the complete Greek text is not available in the PHI database, the text is shown here below the translation.

The city of Sidon honours Diotimos, son of Dionysios, a judge {dikastēs}, who won the chariot race at the Nemean games

Timocharis of Eleutherna made the statue

On the day when, in [the valley] of Argos, all the competitors launched [their quick horses] from their starting posts for the race, [the people] of Phoronis [gave] you a splendid honour and you received the ever memorable crown.

For you were the first among the citizens to bring from Hellas to the noble house of the Agenorids the glory won in an equestrian victory. Thebes, the holy city of Kadmos, also exults, seeing its mother city distinguished by your victories.

[The prayer] that your father Dionysios made on the occasion of the contest was fulfilled when Greece made this [proclamation]: '[Oh proud Sidon], you excel not only with your ships but also with your prize-winning yoked [chariots].'

Greek text:

  Σιδωνίων ἡ πολίς Διότιμον Διονησίου δικαστὴν νικήσαντα Νέμεα ἅρματι.
Τιμόχαρις Ἐλευθερναῖος ἐποίησεν.

Ἀργολικοῖς ὅκα πάντες ἐ[ν ἄγκεσιν ὠκέας ἵππους]
  ἤλασαν ἐκ δίφρων εἰς ἔριν ἀντ[ίπαλοι],
σοὶ καλὸν, ὦ Διότιμε, Φορωνίδος [ὤπασε λαός]
  κῦδος, ἀειμνάστους δ' ἦλθες ὑπὸ στεφ[άνους]. 
ἀστῶγ γὰρ πράτιστος ἀφ' Ἑλλάδος ἱππικὸν εὖχος 
  ἆγαγες εἰς ἀγαθῶν οἶκον Ἀγηνοριδᾶν· 
αὐχεῖ καὶ Θήβης Καδμηίδος ἱερὸν ἄστυ
  δερκόμενον νίκαις εὐκλέα ματρόπολιν.
πατρί τε σῶι τελέθει Διονυσί[ωι εὖχος ἀγ]ῶνος,
  Ἑλλὰς ἐπεὶ τρανῆ τόνδ' ἐβόασε [θρόον]·
'οὐ μόνον ἐν ναυσὶν μεγαλύνε[αι ἔξοχα, Σιδών],   
  ἀλλ' ἔτι καὶ ζευκτοῖς ἀθλοφ[όροις ἐν ὄχοις]'.

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