Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 179


Greek text:   Gephya 24.p33
Provenance:   Metropolis , Ionia
Date:   57 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

The term of office of Gaius Fabius, as proconsul of the province of Asia, can be securely dated to the year 57 B.C.   This inscription in his honour was published in 2022 by L.Müller, C. Sponsel-Schaffner & B. Dreyer, "Die Einwohner der Stadt Metropolis in Ionien ehren Stadthalter der Provinz oder Mitglieder ihrer Familien" ( PDF ).

Although the syntax of the inscription is somewhat odd, it is difficult to interpret the last phrase of the translation in any other sense than 'after the province was recovered by the Romans in the war against Mithridates' - as the editors suggest. If so, this is evidence that the province of Asia was still suffering from the effects of the Mithridatic Wars, 30 years after Mithridates invaded the province and 6 years after his death.

The people honours Gaius Fabius son of Marcus, the proconsul, who has acted as a magnanimous man, with great resolution and virtue and justice in accordance with the pre-eminence of his authority, and generally [as a benefactor], in restoring the homelands of each person after the province was recovered . . .

inscription 180

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