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Greek text:   IG_4².1.28
Provenance:   Epidauros 
Date:     146 B.C.
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In 146 B.C., the army of the Achaean League was defeated by the Romans under Mummius at the Isthmus, and suffered heavy casualties ( Paus_7.16 ). This inscription, containing 153 names, shows the impact on one city.

The Dymanes , Hysminatai , Azantioi and Hylleis were tribes of citizens at Epidauros. For some comments on the relationship between the citizens and other residents of Epidauros, see C. Lasagni , "Politeia in Greek Federal States", p. 87 ( ).

These men died in the battle at the Isthmos :

(col. I)   Dymanes :
Polykles son of Gorgasos
Pythodoros son of Lachares
Orsias son of Lakris
Polykrates son of Bathykles
Philagathos son of Timosthenes
Nikokles son of Nikokles

10 Hysminatai :
Menophilos son of Ainesidamos
Kallen son of Mnasias
Phyllos son of Kallisthenes
Sopolis son of Sokles
Timokleidas son of Dameas
Alkiphron son of Alkimenes
Stheneidas son of Damainetos
Aristokrates son of Theophilos
Stheneidas son of [Ari]starchos
20 Philistidas son of Eukraton
Nikasilas son of Hiaron
Hiaron son of Kallen
Menophilos son of Zoilos
Patrokleidas son of Sostratos

Azantioi :
Sosikrates son of Aristeidas
Dionysios son of Eudamos
Nikomachos son of Sokratidas
Aristomedes son of Lysimachos
30 Aristodamos son of Aristodamos
Menekles son of Menekles
Lysikrates son of Hiarokles
Timarchos son of Aristokrates
Antikrates son of Kleisthenes
Aristokrates son of Aristokles
Charippos son of Hagesias
Gorgion son of Leochares
Aristobios son of Hagiadas
Theudoros son of Echetimos
40 Philokles son of Timainetos
Hiaron son of Hiaronymos
Thiokleidas son of Damokles
Lyseas son of Damophilos

Hylleis :
Ladamidas son of Aristophantos
Lysistratos son of Sokles
50 Lakles son of Sosiphanes
Damokleidas son of Nikomenes
Nikasippos son of Nikasippos
Aristarchos son of Diodoros
Lakritos son of Diodoros
Kallikrates son of Aristandros
Damokles son of Kallimenes
Sokrates son of Nikandros
Diodoros son of Hippon

Achaeans and other residents {synoikoi} :
60 Sosikrates son of Sosikrates
Praxion son of Praxion
Nikostratos son of Sosias
Sokrates son of Sosas
Nikias son of Nikostratos
Damokles son of Philokrates
Andrias son of Aristopamon
Polykles son of Aristopamon
Soteles son of Sokrates
Praxias son of Dionysios
70 Amphias son of Amphisstratos
Onasimos son of Protomachos
Athenagoras son of Hermon
Dion son of Nikatas
Matrochares son of Pythokritos
Nikostratos son of Nikanor
Euameros son of Damatrios
(col. II)   Deinias son of Alexarchos
Philodamos son of Aristogenes
Achaios son of Asklapon
80 Aphrodisios son of Xenotimos
Kerdon son of Nikomedes
Damochares son of Phoinikides
Timon son of Euthydamos
Andrikos son of Menandros
Zopyros son of Philippos
Sosikrates son of Sosias
Theodoros son of Arsenidas
Herakleidas son of Alexandros
Kosmos son of Kosmos
90 Philon son of Timarchos
Andrikos son of Andrikos
Andreas son of Nikokrates
Kteson son of Kteson
Kleon son of Nikandros
Apollodoros son of Dorotheos
Onasion son of Onasion
Asklapiadas son of Asklapiadas
Eukrates son of Eukrates
Xenon son of Soteridas
100 Dionysios son of Alexandros
Sostratos son of Soteridas
Sokrates son of Damokritos
Ktesikles son of Nikias
Zopyros son of Nouïos
Timasos son of Timasion
Nikias son of Nikias
Ergasion son of Aristogenes
Dionysios son of Artemidoros
Nikokles son of Onasikles
110 Paionios son of Onasikles
Kephalion son of Praxias
Dionysios son of Ophelion
Apelles son of Eualkos
Philokles son of Philon
Euporos son of Apollodoros
Straton son of Straton
Aristoteles son of Aristokles
Skopas son of Aristanax
Simos son of Nikeratos
120 Soterichos son of Polykrates
Timoxenos son of Timon
Sosas son of Sosas
Zopyros son of Soterion
Apollodoros son of Galatas
Asklapiadas son of Asklapiadas 
Dexikrates son of Dexilas
Soteridas son of Aristokrates
Agathon son of Teres
Onasimos son of Teres
130 Eukrates son of Sosikrates
Asklapiadas son of Philokrates
Boton son of Sostratos
Agathon son of Diophantos
Andron son of Demetrios
Soteridas son of Aristokrates
Sosos son of Philokrates
Bromios son of Bromios
Botrys son of Damochares
Eunous son of Eunous
140 Nikon son of Nikon
Nikon son of Nikodromos
Alexandros son of Ophelon
Eutychidas son of Papas
Ariston son of Armenios
Damatrios son of Andronikos
Chresimos son of Chresimos
Onasimos son of Onasimos
Sosibios son of Pasigenes
Ophelion son of Damon
(col. III)   150 Onasimos son of Theudoros 
Laphyradas son of Eupolemos
Kratinos son of Kratesinikos
Onasimos son of Onasimos
Eumaios son of Philon
Kallikrates son of Lysimachos
Philes son of Pankles
Olympiadas son of Olympiadas
Pyrbalion son of Damainetos
Damatrios son of Onasimos
160 Klidikos son of Dionysios
Nikaios son of Kallippos
Aristokrates son of Nikokrates  

Sosandros son of Nikolochos

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