Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 216


Greek text:   IG_9.2.521
Provenance:   Larissa , Thessaly
Date:     c. 220-180 B.C.
Tags:     arbitration
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription is unusual in directly quoting the evidence given by some private individuals to the arbitration panel; see S.L.Ager, "Interstate Arbitrations in the Greek World, 337-90 B.C.", no. 70 ( Google Books ). For the geography, see B. Helly, "Territoires des cités grecques" ( PDF , with French translation ). For the difficulty of proving grazing rights in remote areas, see J. McInerney, "The Cattle of the Sun", p.218-9 ( Google Books ). This translation is partly taken from A. Bresson, "The Making of the Ancient Greek Economy", English edition, pp.295-6 ( Google Books ).

. . . recorded at Larisa in the temple of Apollo Kerdōios. And Ladikos of Askyris gave this testimony: "Testimony of Ladikos, son of Harmodios, of Askyris, in favour of the Kondaians. I know this territory, which I personally showed to the judges 10 from the summit of the Nyseion down the slope on our side of the mountain as far as the gorge that the Kondaians showed the judges, and I have always heard it said by our elders that our border with the Kondaians was at this place, and I myself, because I have long grazed my flocks in this territory, know that the Kondaians cause a transit fee {paragōgion} to be levied there."   And also some citizens of Mopseion provided testimony relating to the lower territory, 20 about which Pantaios of Mopseion, the son of Kleoboulos, gave testimony . . . ". . . next to . . . for the Kondaians along the river starting from the confluence of the Peneios and the Europos, as far as the dam {keletra} and the ravine that leads from Orcheion, and I know that the Kondaians cultivate and use as pasturage the region around the tower below Minyē" 30 And Theudoros son of Bachyllos, Sokrates son of Simmias and Aichmon son of Philoxenides, all of Mopseion, who possess the dam below Krokeias, also gave testimony for the Kondaians, that their dam is next to the dam of the Kondaians, situated below Krokeias; and they provided . . .

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