Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 221


Greek text:   IG_7.2426
Provenance:   Thebes, Boeotia
Date:   c. 170-150 B.C.
Tags:     accounts
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription is of great interest to scholars studying Hellenistic coinage, as well as the information it provides about cavalry finances; see C. Grandjean, "Les comptes de Pompidas, IG VII 2426" ( Persée ), and T. Lucas, "La remonte de la cavalerie dans le monde grec" ( BCH, 2018 ).

The English translation is taken from P. Thonemann , "The Hellenistic World: Using Coins as Sources", p. 139 ( ).

When Mikkos was archon: the accounts of the cavalry-commander Pompidas.

Income from the city:   2,100 drachmas of Boeotian silver.

Income from the sale of horses:   for Philleas' horse, purchased by Herpondes, 85 drachmas of bronze;   for Phryniskos' horse, purchased by Euanoridas, 86 drachmas of bronze.

Further income:   from a sale to Kaphisodoros, 110 drachmas of symmachic silver.

Total income:   2,381 drachmas, of which 2,210 were silver and 171 bronze.

Expenditure:   to Kleon son of Proxenos, 280 drachmas of symmachic silver;   to Aischron, 210 drachmas of symmachic silver;   10 to Hermaios son of Charikles, 140 drachmas of symmachic silver;   to Hypatodoros son of Agasion, 175 drachmas of symmachic silver;   to Philleas, 280 drachmas of symmachic silver;   to Phryniskos, 280 drachmas of symmachic silver;   to Mnesitheos, 245 drachmas of symmachic silver.

Other expenditure:   to Asopodoros for the stele {of the inscription}, 7 drachmas 4 obols of bronze;   to Herakleides for the slaughter of the ox, 5 drachmas of bronze;   to Kaphisodoros, for 110 drachmas of symmachic silver, 137 drachmas 3 obols of bronze.

Total expenditure:   1,760 drachmas, of which 1,610 were silver and 150 bronze.

Surplus:   621 drachmas, of which 600 were silver and 21 bronze. 20 The cavalrymen divided it between them.

inscription 222

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