Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 23


Five inscriptions found on Delos. Translated by N.Lewis & M.Reinhold.

[A]   Greek text:   IDelos_4.1526 ,   Date: shortly after 127 B.C.

The Roman shipowners and merchants who were protected during the occupation of Alexandria by King Ptolemaios Euergetes set up this statue of Lochos son of Kallimedes, "cousin" of King Ptolemaios and Queen Kleopatra, because of his goodness and kindnesses to them, and dedicated it to Apollo.

[B]   Greek text:   IDelos_4.1527 ,   Date:   c. 127 B.C.

Statue of Polemarchos, "cousin" of King Ptolemaios Euergetes and Queen Kleopatra, epistrategos, dedicated to Apollo, Artemis, [and Leto?] by Lucius and Gaius Pedius, sons of Gaius, Romans, on account of his goodness, his magnanimity, and his good will toward them.

[C]   Greek text:   IDelos_4.1645 ,   Date:   126/125 B.C.

Statue of Theophrastos son of Herakleitos, of the deme Acharnai, former superintendent of Delos, who laid out the market place and built piers around the harbour, dedicated by the Athenians residing in Delos and by the Romans and other foreign merchants and shipowners resident in Delos, because of his goodness, his magnanimity, and his kindnesses to them.

[D]   Greek text:   IDelos_4.1688 ,   Date:   c. 100 B.C.

Statue of Gaius Ofellius Ferus son of Marcus, dedicated to Apollo by the Italians, because of his justice and his goodness to them. Work of Dionysios son of Timarchides and Timarchides son of Polykles, Athenians.

[E]   Greek text:   IDelos_4.1725 ,   Date:   early first century B.C.

The merchants and those who do business in the square (?) market place dedicated to Apollo, Artemis, and Leto this statue of Maraeus Gerillanus son of Maraeus, Roman, banker at Delos, on account of his magnanimity to them. Work of Agasias son of Menophilos, Ephesian.

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