Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 5


Greek text:   SB 4.7337
Provenance:   Herakleopolis , Egypt
Date: 41 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations
Translated by: E.R.Bevan

Queen Cleopatra Thea Philopator, and king Ptolemy, who is also Caesar, Theos Philopator Philometor, to the strategos of the Herakleopolite nome, greeting. Let the subjoined decree, with the present royal letter, be transcribed in Greek and in native letters, and let it be put up publicly in the metropolis and in the principal places of the nome, and let all else be done according to our commands. Farewell. Year 11. Daisios 13, which is Pharmouthi 13 {12 April 41 B.C.}.

To Theon {the dioiketes?}. Whereas those from the City who do agricultural work in the Prosopite and Bubastite nomes have addressed a petition to us in audience on the 15th of Phamenoth {15 March} against the officials of the Ten Nomes, setting forth how these, contrary to our will and to the orders repeatedly sent out in accordance with our decision, by those over the administration {dioikountes}, to the effect that no one should demand of them anything above the essential royal dues, essay to act wrongfully and to include them amongst those of whom rural and provincial dues, which concern them not, are exacted, we, being exceedingly indignant and judging it well to issue a general and universal ordinance regarding the whole matter, have decreed that all those from the City, who carry on agricultural work in the country, shall not be subjected, as others are, to demands for stephanoi and epigraphai such as may be made from time to time, and on special occasions, in the nomes, nor shall their goods be distrained for such contributions, nor shall any new tax be required of them, but when they have once paid the essential dues, in kind or in money, for corn-land and for vine-land, which have regularly in the past been assigned to the royal treasury, they shall not be molested for anything further, on any pretext whatever. Let it be done accordingly, and let this be put up publicly, according to law.

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