Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 53


Greek text:   IC_2.12.20
Provenance:     Eleutherna , Crete
Date:   c. 227-224 B.C.
Tags:     arbitration ,   treaties-kings
Format:   see key to translations

This inscription has been assigned by some scholars to the reign of Antigonos II, but most now assign it to Antigonos III, who probably needed Cretan support for his military expeditions in Caria and against Kleomenes of Sparta: see S.L.Ager, "Interstate Arbitrations in the Greek World, 33790 B.C.", page 137, no.47 ( Google Books ). Antigonos made an almost identical treaty with another Cretan city, Hierapytna ( IC_3.3.1 ).

. . . [the Eleuthernaians shall make] war against whover [king Antigonos is at war with]; it shall not be possible for them [to enter into] another alliance [in opposition] to Antigonos and the Macedonians . . . [the] Eleuthernaians; in the same [way, neither king] Antigonos nor [his] descendants nor any [of the Macedonians shall enter into] an alliance [against the Eleuthernaians]. Whenever the city votes [to send assistance], the kosmoi shall send it within twenty days [of the date of the vote], [unless something urgent prevents them. Whenever envoys from] Antigonos come to the Eleuthernaians, [the kosmoi] shall convene [an assembly within] ten days of when [the envoys] arrive, unless something urgent prevents them, [and even if they cannot do this, they shall convene an assembly] as soon [as possible]. The kosmoi shall [bring] the envoys of king [Antigonos] into the assembly, [and they shall not introduce] any [other business before] they have given a reply [to the envoys]. If [the kosmoi] of the Eleuthernaians [do not send the] assistance within the prescribed [time], or if they [break the terms of the treaty] in any [way] whatever, they shall pay a fine [of 10,000 drachmas to Antigonos] in the [city] which is chosen [as arbitrator. If they do not] convene the assembly [or if they do not] bring in [the envoys] or if they introduce [some other] business [before] giving a reply to the [envoys, they shall be liable] to whatever penalties . . . [The king also] shall send [assistance within] twenty days of when [the envoys] summon it. [And] if king Antigonos [has need of allies, the kosmoi of the Eleuthernaians] shall send [to him] free men, [bearing weapons; and king Antigonos] shall provide the allied force [that is sent] with one [Alexandrian] drachma and . . . obols - [in either Antigonian or Attic coinage] - for each [of the men for each] day. And if . . .

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