Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 78


Greek text:   FD_3.1.358
Provenance:     Delphi
Date:   c. 219/8 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

For a full discussion of this unusual inscription, see M.Dillon, "The House of the Thebans (FD iii.1 357-58) and accommodation for Greek pilgrims" ( ZPE, 1990 - PDF ), who suggests that Kraton had formal role in maintaining the house, as either a proxenos or a theorodokos of the Thebans. The translation comes from Dillon's article, with a few minor changes.

It was resolved by the city in a valid assembly with votes ordained by law. Since the envoys who have arrived from the city of the Thebans recalled both their friendship towards our city and the benefactions performed by the Thebans for the shrine, and they discussed the house so that it might be maintained for them just as it had been in the past, and they brought the decree in which it had been recorded that Kraton had not given lodging to some of the Thebans who were present such as his forefathers had received from the city of the Thebans: and when we summoned him into the assembly, Kraton said that he neither laid claim to the house of the Thebans nor had he excluded any of those of the envoys who were present, but he said that he maintains the house for the Thebans just as his ancestors had handed it over to him and he conducted the envoys along with the archons around the guest-quarters, and the house in which Theokritos was previously living, and the two workshops which overlook the stoa; he agreed that he would restore the house which had been blocked off back into the guest-quarters. Therefore in order that the Thebans might know that the existing friendship and goodwill with the [city of the Delphians] . . . the envoys that the city of the Delphians maintains the [existing friendship . . . as in] past time: and concerning the inscription.... Kraton. The envoys whom [the city of the Thebans] chose . . .

inscription 79

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