Translations of Hellenistic Inscriptions: 83


Greek text:   IG_11.4.756
Provenance:     Delos
Date:   (?) c. 192 B.C.
Tags:     kinship  
Format:   see key to translations

At the time of this inscription, the island of Delos was an independent state, and hoped to protect its interests by maintaining good relations with the Romans.  But this "friendship" did not stop the Romans from placing the island under Athenian rule in 166 B.C.  

It was resolved by the council and the people, as proposed by Telemnestos son of Aristeides: since, when the people sent envoys to Rome to renew our kinship [and] friendship, and concerning the [interests] of the temple and [the people], they [acted] with all [zeal and] honourable conduct . . . 

inscription 84

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