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Greek text:   IG_12.6.1.42
Provenance:     Heraion , Samos
Date:   321-319 B.C.
Tags:     exiles
Format:   see key to translations

The Samians finally regained possession of their island, which had been occupied by the Athenians, in 322/1 B.C.; for another Samian decree from this period, see Syll_312.   Two parts of this inscription have previously been translated by P. Harding, "From the End of the Peloponnesian War to the Battle of Ipsus", no. 128. ( Google Books ).

[A,B]   It was resolved by the people: since the Athenians, on the proposal of Aristophon who drew up the motion for them, voted that the general appointed by the Athenians in Samos should seize those Samians who returned from Anaia, both them and their children, and send them to Athens; and the Athenians sent the Paralos to bring the message to Samos; and the general seized many noble citizens and sent them to Athens; and the Athenians confined them to prison, and sentenced them to death; but Antileon of Chalkis by the Euripos, the son of Leontinos, when he heard of the dangers that surrounded the Samians who were imprisoned in Athens, maintained the friendship that existed between the Chalkidians and the Samians, and demonstrated his own goodwill towards the Samians; he sent money from his private resources to the council and the commission of eleven at Athens, and saved the Samian men, preventing them from dying at the hands of the Athenians; when the men had arrived safely in Chalkis, he provided them with [travelling expenses] and whatever else they needed, and sent [them] . . . the money . . . Antileon to provide . . . in their exile and misfortune . . . previously Antileon . . . and his son Leontinos, inheriting [this goodwill] from his father and demonstrating [his own friendship] towards the Samians * * *

[C,D]   . . . [as far as] he is able . . . therefore is is resolved by the people to praise [Leontinos] son of Antileon [on account of] the valour [of himself] and his father, because they acted well towards the Samians [who had been deported]; [they] shall be granted [citizenship] and . . . [they shall be allotted to] a tribe [and a 'thousand' and a 'hundred' and] a clan, [and enrolled in the same way as] other Samians; the [five men appointed] shall [take care of the enrolment] * * *

[E,F,G]   . . . the money [which] Antileon . . . for the safety of the men; [therefore so that] we may [honour] Antileon . . . with suitable favours . . . it is resolved by the people [to erect] a bronze [statue] of Antileon in the temple of Hera, and [to crown] him with a golden crown of . . . drachmas, when we perform [the games] for the kings; [the] exetastai shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele [and place it] in the temple of Hera; the [treasurer] shall assist [in] the inscribing of the stele.

inscription 90

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