Royal Correspondence: 26


Original text:   Asylia_9
Date:     c. 240 B.C.
Format:   see key to translations

The Koan envoys who visited this king were probably the same ones who went to Ziailas of Bithynia ( RC_25 ). If the king is correctly identified as Seleukos II, then the phrase 'while our affairs remain peaceful' probably refers to the end of the Third Syrian War; see K.J.Rigsby, "Asylia", pp.115-6 ( Google Books ).

. . . they performed the customary rites and conducted (?) the sacrifices and the games. When they were through with this they came to us, and having spoken at length about the temple and the city they asked us to confer a grant of inviolability upon those who come to the Asklepieia and upon the temple itself. We praised your people because they reverenced the gods and made clear their feelings towards us, and we approved Diogeitos because in both word and deed he saw what was in all cases best for the city. We recognise the inviolability as your people have asked and for the future we shall try, while our affairs remain peaceful, not to disappoint you in your requests. Farewell.

letter 27

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