Royal Correspondence: 64


Greek text:   Nysa_5
Date:     2nd century B.C.
Tags:     inviolability
Format:   see key to translations

This letter has been ascribed to a wide range of different kings, from Antiochos III in the early 2nd century to Mithridates VI in the early 1st century B.C.   For a summary of the different suggestions, see A.Bencivenni, in "State Correspondence in the Ancient World", page 168 ( Google Books ).

[A] . . . and to the Athymbrians . . . but of Antiochos the Great . . .

[B] [King . . . to the] council and the people [of Nysa], greetings. Artemidorus, Basileides and Mi[. . ., your envoys, met me in . . .] and delivered to me your decree. [They spoke themselves] with zeal [in accordance with its contents concerning] the right of receiving suppliants, the inviolability, [and the tax-exemption, and urged that I also] grant what [had previously been granted by] earlier kings to your temple [of Plouton and Kore]. Because I wish to increase the friendship felt towards us and because I see from the declarations of your envoys that the right of receiving suppliants, the inviolability, and the tax-exemption have been yours from of old, I have granted you these rights within the boundaries (?) as marked out by former kings. I give you also all the other benefactions and honours which former kings have granted, and in the future I shall try always to contribute in some way to your advantage.

letter 65

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